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steve's picture
steve in Alberta

After being nearly 80 lbs overweight I made a decision that I would give myself 6 weeks to try my first diet. I did not follow any...

jan's picture
jan in Edmonton

I try to write honestly about my own struggles and in a way that encourages others to press on and live healthier. I always read the...

Luella's picture
Luella in Sherwood Park, Alberta

I have struggled with weight issues since I was 11 years old, at which time my doctor put me on a 500 calorie per day diet. Not healthy...

Cancan1997's picture
Cancan1997 in Baltimore

I am hoping to get passed Day 3. Today is Day 2. Prayers much needed and appreciated. Hoping to shed 30 pounds. Yikes.

joany's picture
joany in winnipeg, manitoba

I just started the program, April 15/13 so searching every place I can for ideas, recipes and anything that will help me hang in there...

Dianehockeymom's picture
Dianehockeymom in Huntsville

I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I have finally found something that works!

Buglady's picture
Buglady in Stoney Creek,Ontario

I'm 70 years young, I was overweight from limited mobility( result of car accident) I developed diabetes type 2, blood pressure soared...

dydy1223's picture
dydy1223 in Massachusetts

I've just started the IP program and I'm looking for a little excitement within the limitations of the diet. I'm a foodie by nature and...


still struggling with last 7 ibs but i have lost 18 its fantastic diet i never get hungry ,treat your self to a nice juicy rib eye,...

russjoanne's picture
russjoanne in Ottawa
ghendrick13's picture
ghendrick13 in Belleville

I am 49 years old, married 29 years, three grown boys and I am a laboratoy manager. I have been on and off diets for the better part of...

georgie's picture
georgie in Ottawa

have tried all the diets going, never could get lower than a certain number. tried this gave a goal weight of 10lbs below my plateau...

Loridev's picture
Loridev in RI

Lost 40lbs 4 years ago... keeping it off by eating the "right" way! Thanks IP! Now I work for the company!!!

Roxy's picture
Roxy in New Brunswick

I have seen first hand how successful this plan can be. Everything about this plan simply makes sense. I personally have tried several...

Razzledazzlebee's picture
Razzledazzlebee in Arlington, WA

Started IP 9/1/13!

damma's picture
damma in Saskatchewan, Canada

I'm mom to 3 great grown up sons and grandma to 2 sweet little boys. After retiring from teaching I enjoy babysitting the little ones,...

Chrismond's picture
Chrismond in Gatineau,QC

I am type 2 diabetic and I'm tired of all the medication and insulin I have to take, I am third generation diabetic. I would like to get...

tslisz's picture
tslisz in old saybrrok, ct

I am a mother of 2, and for the past 10 years I have gained 60 pounds. I need to start taking care of myself now that my kids are more...

rhondafav's picture
rhondafav in Steinbach, MB
dexxter28's picture
dexxter28 in Sudbury, Ontario Canada

Love the ideal protein diet down 20lbs in 4lbs LOVE LOVE LOVE IT i'm proud to say i used to be a binger and if there were 4 week chips...

iHarley's picture
iHarley in Central IL

8/28/2012 - 258.5 lbs. - 78.5 lbs to go
9/4/2012 - 245.5 lbs. - 13 down, 65.5 lbs to go!
9/11/2012 - 240.5 lbs. - 18 lbs...

ksnow's picture
ksnow in Washington
aporter's picture
aporter in bloomfiled ct

im on a diet to better fit and to live for my kids

jbrocius's picture
jbrocius in Kirkland


Memere03's picture
Memere03 in BC

I joined IPbecauseiwashavingahard time losing weight. Since I joined in Sept I've lost 31 lbs. I like to stay in touch with people who...

Bsgcogirl's picture
Bsgcogirl in Massachusetts

Day 2 of Ideal. Need to lose about 60lbs.

Tannas's picture
Tannas in Calgary

Broke my leg 13 years ago. Was in a wheelchair for a year. Had the metal removed and then had a stroke. I am the heaviest I have ever...

fbello's picture
fbello in Kanata, Ontario

Supporting my wife and daughter that started the Ideal Protein diet, I found myself eating the same meals and loosing weight (fat weight...

betfly's picture
betfly in Bolton


Cmacdonald77's picture
Cmacdonald77 in Ottawa

Just started IP and looking forward to the journey!

Grammy24girls's picture
Grammy24girls in Plainfield

I'm a proud, wife, mom and grammy who wants to get in the best health possible to be around for a long time with my family. I have...

Essentiallyu's picture
Essentiallyu in Grande prairie

I have Essentially u Weightloss& Wellness in Grande Prairie Ab we promote the pro energy diet

Kim Melanson's picture
Kim Melanson in Saulnierville Nova Scotia

I have been on the diet for one week and I definatly need some ideas to make the food taste better.

Jellyman's picture
Jellyman in Nova Scotia

Will do this later

annie 1962's picture
annie 1962 in Cobourg

My sister Karen lill first did the diet and it transformed her then i was a believer and now my turn. better choice of eating and...

Kay's picture
Kay in Mississippi

Just started Ideal Protein today ... Hard to plan menu
Retired ...hip and back problems .. Hoping losing weight will help

lindas88's picture
lindas88 in Saint John

Just started and need recipes.

JillQ's picture
JillQ in Bainbridge Island, WA

I've almost reached my weight goal. I'm hoping to teach myself new eating habits to keep myself at a lower weight.

rikathy58's picture
rikathy58 in North Providence, RI

I started IP on 6/11/12 and have lost 80 lbs to date (12/29/12)... I have 40 more to goal !!

Judistudio's picture
Judistudio in Ottawa, (Kanata), Ontario
(Judi's Studio & Health Spa)

Weight Management is a life long process. Ideal Protein permitted me to get to the point where I am happy to maintain. And the food...

ddough5's picture
ddough5 in Louisiana

Loving this diet because I'm not hungry and I'm losing well for me !

sthimot's picture
sthimot in digby

Just starting out and have tried many recipes :)

bhuff's picture
bhuff in kimberley bc

just starting out

madrigga's picture
madrigga in Lillooet

I have tried Ideal Protien because I wanted to lose a minimum amount of wt. (20lb) I did lose what I wanted. But, I gained it back,...

7mcgraw7's picture
7mcgraw7 in Edmonton Alberta Downtown (Oliver)

I have had bad knees since I was 16. I was tall and slim, but when my knees started acting up I gained a ton of weight and struggled to...

lindsey.engel's picture
lindsey.engel in Coalhurst, AB

I began Ideal Protein in April of 2013, and hit my goal of 80 lbs lost in 8 months!

lana8910's picture
lana8910 in Saskatchewan

i am trying to lose weight for my daughters wedding and am struggling please help

mhiniker1's picture
mhiniker1 in MN

I am addicted to carbs and sugar. I drink 4-8 cans of soda a day. I have lost weight before with diet pills however I gained most of...

Shelby Read's picture
Shelby Read in Airdrie

I am a wellness coach at Anna's Spa & Wellness in Airdrie, AB.

Janzy1897's picture
Janzy1897 in Sarnia Ontario

Hi there! I've tried other programs and finally heard about Ideal Protein from a friend. Figured I would give it a try!

snowangel19712008's picture
snowangel19712008 in Saskatchewan, Canada

Hi , my name is Carla. I started Ideal Protein 6 weeks ago and just love it! I previously lost 92 pounds through weight watchers and...

dishare's picture
dishare in Kelowna
IP43's picture
IP43 in Ontario Canada
egyppt's picture
egyppt in Vermillion, Alberta
candace's picture
xcat's picture
xcat in mass

want to lose 30 lbs again

bwommidsouth's picture
bwommidsouth in 2565 McCracken Hernando, MS 38632

This is the coaches corner to help bring you recipes for your new lifestyle. Try them, your going to like your new style. We at Better...

dal0415's picture
dal0415 in Oregon

Started the program 10wks ago, I have never been this heavy in my life! Feels like someone flipped a switch and I went from being a size...

nmcbride's picture
nmcbride in Woodstock Nb

Started ideal protein for one month now

Diannee1957's picture
Diannee1957 in Canada

On the program just two weeks so far and need a few recipes.

sarah1620's picture
sarah1620 in Calgary


stella's picture
stella in Bedford NS


Scarlet63's picture
Scarlet63 in calgary ab

just started Ideal Protein... Down 9,2 lbs first 6 days.... looking for Gluten Free Recipes as I'm Celiac.

islandgirl345's picture
islandgirl345 in Cayman Islands

Ideal protein Phrase 1

ctnzro's picture
ctnzro in central Illinois

I've lost almost 90# since last fall. I feel great and love the program! I'll be 50 this month and thought it was impossible to lose all...

Josy's picture
Josy in La Ronge,sask

I've just started on the ideal protein diet with my husband and we'd like some ideas for meals.F

dsccyr's picture
dsccyr in Vancouver BC

I lost over 40 lbs on the prgram

lovemyaqha's picture
lovemyaqha in Iowa

I have never been a "small" girl so when people heard what I was weighing they were shocked. I am 5'11 and my normal "healthy looking"...

yethier's picture
yethier in St Thomas

I have been following the IP program for some time and have lost 50 + lbs, have about 30 more to lose. I am looking for some new recipes...

classykaren's picture
classykaren in Florida

I have a lot of weight to lose and I am a senior.

Kristinaalbion's picture
Kristinaalbion in Ontario

Great program, feel full and satisfied. Down 25 pounds

shanna's picture
shanna in Edmonton

Doing my best on the Ideal Protein diet. Both positive and negative things to say about the IP diet and hope to share some of my...

Gingervixen's picture
Gingervixen in Burlington, Ontario
TMR555's picture
TMR555 in Alberta

The last 10 lbs!

jkskrs's picture
jkskrs in Sherwood Park Alberta

Sorry. I am a private person

kathystout's picture
kathystout in Colorado

Same old story

desulew's picture
desulew in CT

One the program

TracyK's picture
TracyK in Saskatchewan

Need help in health eating

junetex's picture
junetex in Texas

Lost 64 lbs so far on Ideal Protein, almost at my goal!

krije's picture
krije in ohio

Just started plan. Looking for recipes to re-invent my diet.

trixsand's picture
trixsand in MN

Just started Ideal Protein...goal is to lose 66lbs. Need help with recipes!

MAGreen27's picture
MAGreen27 in Calgary

Just getting started and enjoying cooking vegetables again.

Katherine's picture
Katherine in Canada

Joining the masses to get fit strong and THIN! good luck to us all :)

Jenoack's picture
Jenoack in California

Interested in learning what recipes are available and would taste good on this weight loss method.

rwaldo's picture
rwaldo in Austin Texas

I've needed to lose 25 lbs forever! I have been working out, but not seeing any results. Talked to someone about ideal protein and I...

Cyndie60's picture
Cyndie60 in Louisiana

I started on November 12th. Goal is 85lbs by May 30th, 2015. On my way!

Jon's picture
Jon in Ontario, Canada

I lost 60 pounds about 4 years ago and have kept it off!

lakemary's picture
lakemary in Mn

I lost 40 lbs 1 1/2 years ago. Did good on maintenance. In the past few months put a few lbs on, just want to take them off before it's...

Sballcoach's picture
Sballcoach in USA

I just just starting my IP journey. I love IP!!!

Ritaabbio's picture
Ritaabbio in Pittsburgh,pa

I have lost 47 pounds on IP

Michellemchugh's picture
Michellemchugh in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

I have just started ideal protein, hoping to loose weight.

gale theriault's picture
gale theriault in ottawa, ontario, canada

I have fibro and have been unable to loose weight for the last few years.

alexandranoel21's picture
alexandranoel21 in terrebonne,quebec

I have done the ideal protein diet last year and I lost 25 pounds in 3 months and I'm only 21 years old. I was fat because of my...

PCMgirl's picture
PCMgirl in Fort McMurray, AB

I enjoy Ideal Protein and am looking forward to getting my extra weight off.

Erin Genoway's picture
Erin Genoway in Regina, Saskatchewan

I did Ideal Protein for 2.5 months May 2011 to July 2011 and lost 25 lbs. Travelled for about 1 month after that and then did another 3...

Marlakay's picture
Marlakay in Iowa

I am just starting, I gained weight after I came off the farm. My daughter is on this program and told me I should give it a try. I have...

Sneauxwhite's picture
Sneauxwhite in Thibodaux, la.

Have been on ideal protein for 4 months. Have lost 42 lbs with 15 more to go! I am 67 years old and have tried every diet! Ideal...

one fat unhappy chick's picture
one fat unhappy... in Texas

have been on every diet known to man and have had many disappointments, hopefully this one will work!!!

ksaun73's picture
ksaun73 in Norris Arm

Every day is a new beginning

Papa Jim's picture
Papa Jim in Calgary

Down 90+ pounds in six months. Life changer. Blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure all under control without meds. How can you go...

Grannie kate's picture
Grannie kate in Alberta

Been trying to lose weight for awhile and struggling to do so. Thought I might. Give this a try if it looks good.

nanalea's picture
nanalea in Riverton, UT

At 55 years old I decided enough was enough! My parents were having a family get together at Thanksgiving and doing family photos. I...

Dbarry's picture
Dbarry in Regina, SK, Canada
Yukonk8's picture
Yukonk8 in Whitehorse,YT
Seabeckgal's picture
Seabeckgal in Seabeck, WA
smaxie29's picture
smaxie29 in Virginia, USA
primosch's picture
primosch in Devon
darth545's picture
darth545 in regina, saskatchewan
Mimzworld's picture
Mimzworld in Rothesat

yoyo dieter... in this for the long haul.. lost about 26 lbs so far.. am slow loser.. but am losing and happy :)

theidealweigh's picture
theidealweigh in Williams Lake, BC

Williams Lake Ideal Protein Weight Loss Clinic

I am Sam's picture
I am Sam in Tyvan, Saskatchewan

When I started by IP journey September 5, 2012 I never in a million years thought that a) I'd lose the weight as quickly as I did and b...

Wheatchic's picture
Wheatchic in Weyburn

Went on Ideal protein in June and loved it. Dropped 12 pounds and kept off most of the summer. We lost our location in Weyburn and I...'s picture
tddocherty@on.a... in Woodbridge, Ontario

Went on Ideal Protein back in April 2011. Lost 55 lbs and feel great. I now have partnered up the a friend and Vaughan Clinic...

wampoo's picture
wampoo in ontario

Wanting recepies and info!!

befelt's picture
befelt in Oxford, MS.

Tried many diets. Wanted one that was strict and helped to lose quickly.

Marilyn's picture
Marilyn in Abbotsford BC

Tried a bunch of diets but nothing really worked out.. I am on my 3 rd day with ideal protein. Decided to try it after hearing if so...

Scott.merritt's picture
Scott.merritt in Ashburn, VA

Time to lose the weight.

konman726's picture
konman726 in Austin

Started the Ideal weight lose program to eliminate my type 2 diabetes.

tpcgpc08's picture
tpcgpc08 in missouri

started ip .october 2014 @192 now 167.been slow ,but all the recipes are helping from getting board.

Bmcnaz's picture
Bmcnaz in Arizona

Started 32 days ago 28 pounds down need to lose 52 more This is working but planning meals ahead is a must.

Aphrodite240's picture
Aphrodite240 in London, Ontario

Single mom of two find it hard to lose weight like I used to but Hoping for the best

Askel's picture
Askel in Chicago

Quite sad just need to share with you guys.

cindylou's picture
cindylou in Texas


Martine's picture
Martine in Canada

Needed to lose weight. Ideal Protein had been recommended to me by a cousin so ... I started in November 2013 .. am 4 pounds from my...

Myrna's picture
Myrna in canada

my choice, loose the weight or be diabetic. don't want to be diabetic

MacRocMom's picture
MacRocMom in Texas

Mother of two

McMILFy's picture
McMILFy in Hillsboro

Mother of 4, night shift worker, SoCal born and raised. Needing to lose 60 pounds.

Alexa_Kari's picture
Alexa_Kari in Sudbury

Mom and Daughter

millerl's picture
millerl in Watertown, Wisconsin

Looking for recipes for Ideal Products.

kerbear68's picture
kerbear68 in kamsack

Learning to have healthier food choices

mwdenny78's picture
mwdenny78 in Humble, TX

Just turned 78 & thought I needed to lose a few pounds. My daughter lost 45lbs &
Has successfully kept it off! So far so...

serendipity's picture
serendipity in Mass

Just starting IP to get in shape & feel energized..

lesley55's picture
lesley55 in ontario

Just starting Ideal Protein diet to lost 25 pounds

Dee-lee's picture
Dee-lee in Alberta

Just got started. Hope to be successful.

lee67's picture
lee67 in central Texas

Just getting started

SierraH's picture
SierraH in Maryland

Just 3 weeks in and anxious to add recipes to my food choices to ward off boredom. thanks for sharing!

ifthenwhat's picture
ifthenwhat in Bangladesh

it's me

rhod mitch's picture
rhod mitch in new york

im a blogger

christiehazlett's picture
christiehazlett in Renton, WA

Ideal Protein phase 1. lost 80 lbs so far

Laura Knott's picture
Laura Knott in Nebraska

I'm 61 years old and have been on weight watchers most of my life. About a year ago I was doing gym three times a week and using WW. I...

Colleenmg's picture
Colleenmg in Cape Breton

I'm 47 years old and over weight. Tired of being like this. I have no other medical issues so I am going to keep it that way.

Pmclenagan1's picture
Pmclenagan1 in Beaufort

I would like to lose 30 pounds. I lose 20-30 then regain it slipping back into bad habits. High protein diets work best for me and...

jcummings's picture
jcummings in Woodstock,nb

I was feeling very unhealthy, needed to lose weight. Very excited to get started.

altorock13's picture
altorock13 in Washington State

I was a certified personal trainer, dance coach and instructor before I got pregnant. I gained much more weight than what should have...

Nic Nor's picture
Nic Nor in Brampton, ON, Canada

I started the IP diet at 180 lb. Went down to 132.5 lb. Didn't have a compatible coach so did not complete Phase 2-3-4. Four years later...

kfmorrison's picture
kfmorrison in Fort McMurray

I require a rigid diet and weekly counselling in order to loose weight.

ptcc's picture
ptcc in Calgary

I recently moved to Calgary after being a Paramedic working steady nights for most of 17yrs in Ontario. I had definitely put on weight...'s picture
nunzia.parent@y... in ottawa,canada

I quit smoking 4 years ago and have gained 25 lbs and lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks in the program. very encourage to keep going until I am...

cheryl cavanaugh's picture
cheryl cavanaugh in Walpole
(Your Ideal Clinic For Weight Loss)

I own an ideal weight loss clinic and my clients and I are looking for ideal protein recieps

PamelaJWatkins's picture
PamelaJWatkins in Ashburn, Virginia

i lost 40 pounds on Ideal Protein and need recipes to keep me going.

crystalkosa's picture
crystalkosa in Leduc

I lost 30 pounds a year and a half ago, I slowly gained back 10 lbs and I am on the protocol again to get back to my ideal weight....

nada's picture
nada in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

I joined ideal protein program. I need to have recipes.

Paulette's picture
Paulette in Prince Edward Island

I joined Ideal Protein in November wanting to lose around 18-20 lbs. I am almost there and will probably be on Phase 2 this time next...

dragonflydazd's picture
dragonflydazd in Ontario, Canada

I have tried every diet out there but when I saw this was run from our pharmacy and the support involved i decided to give it a try.

shutter's picture
shutter in Bellingham Washington USA

I have lost 120 # on the plan and I love it , the products are really good, easy and the plan is for life, so I am excited about all the...

janbrebeck's picture
janbrebeck in Wisconsin

I have been trying to loose weight for the last year and have been unsuccessful.

IP Metrics Weight loss Clincs's picture
IP Metrics Weig... in 12295 Hwy 50, unit 10 Bolton, ON L7E1M2

I have been overweight for a number of years. I have tried many diets as many of us have but could never find the right program for me...

Lwsamuell's picture
Lwsamuell in New Orleans

I have been dieting all my life and I hope this will be my last time.

Sueellen2843's picture
Sueellen2843 in Entiat, WA USA

I have been 50 pounds overweight for 20 years and would like to lose this weight for a better life. I am 70 and now is the time. I have...

Brenda72's picture
Brenda72 in Washington state

I have always struggled with my weigh but had been able to manage it until about 3 years ago. Over the last 3 years I gradually...

tinaculp's picture
tinaculp in Hackettstown NJ

I did ideal protein in July of 2011, I lost 60 lbs in 12 weeks. I decided to go back on in May of 2014. I put all the weight back on...

TravelBeth's picture
TravelBeth in British Columbia

I began the Ideal Protein eleven months ago and have reached 78% of my goal. I have battled weigh since I was 15 years old; however my...

jconde12's picture
jconde12 in Cape Cod, MA

I am very new to the IP world and learning more and more each day. I would like to get the most out of the IP and have a wide range of...

MonBrea's picture
MonBrea in Gray, LA

I am trying to lose at least 30 pounds by eating healthier.

bmccool's picture
bmccool in Georgetown

I am looking for new recipes for my family

lilly's picture
lilly in northbay

I am about 60lbs over weight, tried every diet know to man , gaind back all the weight plus 15 more, grea!!!!t cost a lot of money....

tammy k's picture
tammy k in Castlegar

Hi, I'm in my 3rd week of Phase 1. Enjoying the changes so far!

hammey's picture
hammey in nl

Hi I just started this program and I am very eager to try new recipes to help me get where I want to be.

carleneh's picture
carleneh in Jamaica

Hi all. Started the ideal protein programme on Monday. Today id my 6th day. Weight to lose is 18 lbs

nolanfoxl's picture
nolanfoxl in Mississauga, Ontario

Been on a diet most of my life . . . started I.P. April 21st, 2014 when at my highest weight ever.
Over the years I have lost and...

Wickijd's picture
Wickijd in Ainsworth Iowa

Always struggled with weight since having children & heard positive things ab ideal ptotein.

childsdg's picture
childsdg in North Dakota

70 pounds down and loving it!

Colette's picture
Colette in Kentville


jojothin's picture
jojothin in swift current
ajparker's picture
ajparker in california
1yvonne's picture
1yvonne in oxbow
Dianne's picture
Dianne in North Battleford
david's picture
david in Connecticut

Just trying to live a healthy life style. My goal is to lose 50 pounds. I was married 3 years age for the first time at age 55. I...

bbpotier's picture
bbpotier in Louisiana

Just trying out

jenniferwald's picture
jenniferwald in Grande Prairie 214 Place South

Ideal Health is an Ideal Protein authorized centre - We offer weekly coaching sessions and ongoing support to our clients. Even though...

pietrata's picture
pietrata in Vancouver

I have problem with my overweight

beighles's picture
beighles in Ferndale

I am a wife and mother of two grown kids and now a grandmother of a one year old. I have always battled weight issues but the older I...

Foggy5555's picture
Foggy5555 in Norman, Oklahoma

Have insulin resistance, so trying to keep glucose level and have to watch my diet.

adelle123's picture
adelle123 in Regina, Sask

We recently opened our second location at Pasqua South Medical Centre- Regina South

dorisl's picture
dorisl in Lincoln NE

Ideal Protein diet helped me to lose 20 pounds since December 1. Met my goal mid-February!

liz6.5's picture
liz6.5 in Chicago


jcmllyons's picture
jcmllyons in north dakota


esnow's picture
esnow in here


Pounds Loser's picture
Pounds Loser in Calgary Alberta

Yoyo dieting for years, tired of the up down up down...just starting Ideal Protein Protocol...5 days in and I feel some energy coming...

andiexoxo's picture
andiexoxo in florida

Yoyo dieter

Dee omsberg's picture
Dee omsberg in Somewhere in the rockie mountains

You can't fix ugly

cherie007's picture
cherie007 in New Brunswick


Grannie6's picture
Grannie6 in East of Airdrie

Yo yo'd with weight all my life. ......usually the same 30 lbs. Am not at highest weight - 80 lbs to loser. Want to improve my health...

shanran's picture
shanran in Seattle

Yo Yo dieting for years - trying something new - so far so good 3 weeks in :)

pmalta1966's picture
pmalta1966 in Edmonton

Yo yo dieter. Trying again

khill's picture
khill in Lynnwood, WA

Yet to come......

Daisy-belle's picture
Daisy-belle in Alaska

Years of diets never losing weight, 4 weeks on IP and OMG!

annal's picture
annal in ct


ValB's picture
ValB in London


Mareet's picture
Mareet in Connecticut


ddfedoruk's picture
ddfedoruk in alberta


goonie's picture
goonie in Canada

XXXX's picture in Okotoks, AB


tjohsz's picture
tjohsz in Huntington Beach


Jabratch's picture
Jabratch in KC


M's picture
M in DC


eeferg's picture
eeferg in Caledon


cmathes's picture
cmathes in Charlottesville Virginia


wtloseforme's picture
wtloseforme in Regina

Wt. lose for me!!!! My goal is to lose wt. and to keep it off.... I'm here to find tips of the trade and insites

Jane Harrington's picture
Jane Harrington in Nova Scotia

Would love to lose some lbs

SandyP's picture
SandyP in Medicine Hat

Would love to lose 30 lbs. my knees are always sore and I feel blah

Groulxvy's picture
Groulxvy in Kanata

Would love to be lean and fit! A friend went on this eating plan and within 6 weeks had lost about 16 pounds and looked amazing!

MissT2341's picture
MissT2341 in Regina

Would like to try this program

weilergp's picture
weilergp in Calgary

Would like to lose 50 lbs

joannewhittle's picture
joannewhittle in CP

would like to lose 30 pounds

mar425's picture
mar425 in rhode island

would like to lose 15 lbs

Bette Lou Kliewer's picture
Bette Lou Kliewer in Abbotsford

Would like recipes

Trent Jeffries's picture
Trent Jeffries in Calgary

Would like number of servings for Three-Meat Terrine

Gina's picture
Gina in missisauga

would like good protein recipes to follow the ideal protein diet

pkfood's picture
pkfood in Iowa

Working to reduce carb and sugar consumption.

rleverma's picture
rleverma in Home

Working to lose 35 pounds.

sdsw's picture
sdsw in MD

Working to loose post divorce weight gain

chammitt's picture
chammitt in Colorado

Working through Phase 1 20 lbs so far! 10 more to go! Love IDEAL PROTEIN>

gerryburke's picture
gerryburke in Coeur d alene

working on weight loss

Amanda's picture
Amanda in Gales ferry

Working on try in recipes to change my diet

Weathermom's picture
Weathermom in Tsawwassen BC

Working on staying on the protocol one meal at a time

Wendella's picture
Wendella in Florida

Working on one...

leonasluv's picture
leonasluv in Culpeper, VA

Working on myself so I'm ready to be a beautiful bride in June.

browngirlrn's picture
browngirlrn in florida

working on me

Betty Calhoun's picture
Betty Calhoun in Indiana

Working on low carb plan for weight loss

Cayjules's picture
Cayjules in Cayman Islands

Working on losing the fun I had at Christmas

mgrunwald's picture
mgrunwald in Ovilla, Texas

Working on losing 50 pounds which i have gained over the past few years

MagnumB2007's picture
MagnumB2007 in Bozeman

Working on loosing weight

CarolB's picture
CarolB in Texas

Working on it.....

Theresa McLaughlin's picture
Theresa McLaughlin in MA

Working on it

bobgiarda's picture
bobgiarda in kingston

Working on feeling better.

Knevers's picture
Knevers in Wausau, Wisconsin

Working on dropping 45 pounds. I have 10 more to go but I need some new recipes to stay motivated!!!!

juliemp's picture
juliemp in Shohomish, WA

Working on collecting recipes for Ideal Protein.

jwp818's picture
jwp818 in NY

Working Mom

Cmchandle's picture
Cmchandle in Austin,tx

Working ideal protein.

Pharmacist76's picture
Pharmacist76 in sarnia ontario

working hard to maintain!

Budmanjo's picture
Budmanjo in Gaithersburg, MD

Working hard to get to NOT be obese... mostly for health reasons! So far, so good. :-)

Kim Manning's picture
Kim Manning in New Orleans

Working hard to be healthy!

Justjoy's picture
Justjoy in Drayton Valley, AB

Working at getting healthier!

mwalker's picture
mwalker in Fort McMurray

Working a desk job now, I have gained a lot of weight over the past year. It is time for it to come off!

Anick Rosika's picture
Anick Rosika in Embrun, Ontario

Worked in Cornwall at Physical limits and did the diet, got great results losing 30lbs.

Abcohen's picture
Abcohen in Nj

Work in progress

coastech's picture
coastech in Penticton, BC Canada

Work in an office environment and have successfully lost 55lbs following the IP Program

cherstone's picture
cherstone in British Columbia

Work for a company that sells Ideal Protein.

tobey's picture
tobey in wilmington, de

woke up & decided it was time to take control of my life & not have food control me!!

amehart's picture
amehart in Gig Harbor, WA USA

With Ideal Protein I lost 130 lbs. and gained so much more with confidence and my ability to enjoy everything and anything with my...

jojo7's picture
jojo7 in Washington

With having an underactive thyroid, low adrenals and hormones that weren't balanced, it was impossible for me to lose weight. It was...

Judi1023's picture
Judi1023 in Calgary, AB

With a second chance of life after beating cancer, it's time to drop the extra weight I am carrying, and become a healthier, fitter me...

Erinclunas's picture
Erinclunas in Russell, Mb

With 3 teenage girls and a job that requires a high level of physical activity, I needed to change something for Me!

marilou's picture
marilou in Kuujjuarapik

wish me good luck i just started.

kitkat14's picture
kitkat14 in Duncan BC

Will tell you later

Irallyn's picture
Irallyn in Sherwood park

Will start my diet friday, February 27 and I am excited to see results

Wandatd's picture
Wandatd in Massachusetts

Wife supporting husband's weight loss.

February_night's picture
February_night in Callander Ontario.

While I was pregnant with my first child, I gained 50 pounds, finally topping out at 200. After I lost 40 pounds in a few weeks after he...'s picture
valleytrails@sa... in Broadview, Sk

When Pharmasave brought IP to our little town I just had to try losing the 30 lbs I've gained over the last few yrs. Tried various diets...

WMCouture's picture
WMCouture in Quispamsis

When I was younger I always had a problem gaining weight. After a couple of car accidents I now find myself struggling with losing...

Lynn785's picture
Lynn785 in New Jersey

Went thru a divorce a few years ago and ate out of stress. Ready now for a new me!

Lisa mt smith's picture
Lisa mt smith in Edmonton

Went on the diet successfully lost 20lbs went off not following recommendations gained it back now back on to do it right have lost...

Tonybear's picture
Tonybear in Ottawa

Went on system 2yrs ago and lost my 30lbs in 4mths, went-off track last year gained 25lbs now doing it again. I know it works without...

scar's picture
scar in Hinton,Alberta,Canada

well,just trying to learn how to eat better and live longer,i will succeed.

Cyrus_Rou's picture
Cyrus_Rou in Spruce Grove

Well I work from a computer and was not eating very well and my sister pointed out this health diet and already after a few days my life...

chrisboss40's picture
chrisboss40 in sherbrooke, québec

well i just begin with ideal protein so there is not much to tell for right now, i tried Weignt Watchers by internet didn't work, to...

jgo972's picture
jgo972 in Iowa

Well I joined Ideal Protein almost three weeks and this is one of the simplest plans I have ever tried. It is so easy to follow and the...

kimmels61's picture
kimmels61 in Swift Current

Well I am 53 years of age and to date I have lost 59 pounds on the Ideal Protein diet. I started this journey and loving every minute of...

Mediums's picture
Mediums in Fairfield maine

Weight removal

saramorley's picture
saramorley in Canada

weight loss is my goal

forr's picture
forr in Regina

weight loss for wedding

Kvickers77's picture
Kvickers77 in WV

Weight loss

curtgautreau's picture
curtgautreau in Louisiana

Weight Loss

easternlady's picture
easternlady in newport nova scotia

Weight issues and hopefully have found the answer here.

ASK's picture
ASK in Flemington, NJ

Weigh 200 lbs, want to lose 50 lbs. Height 5-7"

cathy titus's picture
cathy titus in kentville


Janet61's picture
Janet61 in Trail, BC

Week one of IP diet, looking forward to positive results.

Toeckes's picture
Toeckes in Saskatoon

Week one complete. Ideal protein meals have been great so far!!

cathysteigleder's picture
cathysteigleder in Lumby B.C.

week four on Ideal Protein! working on becoming a healthy person with healthy eating habits!

Schatzi's picture
Schatzi in AR

Week 9 - Have lost 36.8 lbs, already half way to my goal and will be skinny by summer. Easiest diet I've done yet. For max benefit I...

Cybeeranne's picture
Cybeeranne in Québec, Canada

Week 6 of IP, 27 out of 100 ponds gone so far.

fourbits's picture
fourbits in Tri Cities

Week 3 of ideal protien

suzy2323's picture
suzy2323 in kelowna

week 2 on ip

arweinreich's picture
arweinreich in Wakefield, RI

Week 2 of Phase 1 - down 9 lbs already!

tscoan's picture
tscoan in Texas

Week 2 of IP

AngieB's picture
AngieB in North Carolina

week 1!

dicolbeck's picture
dicolbeck in Ottawa

Week 1 of phase 1 of Ideal Protein feeling great my energy level over the week has increased substantially and I have been sleeping well...

melissia leblanc's picture
melissia leblanc in Ponchatoula La

week 1 of IP

mitch001's picture
mitch001 in Rosetwon, sk

We started Ideal protein in nov 2014 -- I've lost 27lb up to this date.

Judy_Santucci 678's picture
Judy_Santucci 678 in Elmurst, Illinois

We must improvise on some of your diet as my husband has Celiac Disease and cannot eat anything with glutens in them. We have just...

Trent and Stacey Grose's picture
Trent and Stace... in Medicine Hat

We are working together to lose weight

Delany.Tyler's picture
Delany.Tyler in British Columbia

We are trying something new!

Pharmasave492's picture
Pharmasave492 in Kenora Ontario

We are a full service pharmacy. We have been a clinic for Ideal Protein since March of this year.

kinzkids's picture
kinzkids in Prescott Valley

Watching my weight

Bailey's picture
Bailey in United States

Was once 125 lbs. Kept gaining each year for the past 8 years. It's time for a change!! Three friends had success with the Ideal...

mapatchin's picture
mapatchin in Regina, Sk

Was on IP about 18 months ago and lost 20 pounds - I gained back 15 lbs. - am trying again. Just had a brownie!!!!! Good!!!!!!

2009pianogirl's picture
2009pianogirl in Unity, SK

Was on IP 1.5 years ago, need a refresher!

carolee's picture
carolee in reston

was on IP & lost 20lbs. Gained 10lbs now want go on again and lose 20 more lbs

rokart's picture
rokart in toronto

Was on ideal protein system for 5 months...lost 35 pounds ...and have kept it off for three months so far

Bonnie Kupka's picture
Bonnie Kupka in Devon

Was On Ideal protein last July, 14 and lost weight, want to go back on it

de rockwell's picture
de rockwell in St. Charles, Missouri

Was on ideal protein for several months and did well, 10 lbs. from my goal. Had several events set me back and gave up on my diet. I am...

JennyHarley's picture
JennyHarley in Edmonton

Was on Ideal Protein Diet for 7 Months last year, I got great results but went off of it sooner than I planned because of a holiday. I...

mfekte's picture
mfekte in EHT, NJ

Was on ideal Protein 4 years ago. Looking to loose 15 pounds

Marisa's picture
Marisa in Toronto

was on a diet and lost weight

franny's picture
franny in new brunswick

was looking for healthy choice recipes to lose weight

fbarrett77's picture
fbarrett77 in Halifax, NS

Was having trouble losing weight, watching my diet and exercising and was up and down with the same five pounds. Had friends try Ideal...

Tiff's picture
Tiff in Louisiana

Was fit before I had kids but worked out every night, walked/ran every day and did aerobics, kids came, went back to school, started...

Richman90803's picture
Richman90803 in Canada

Was FAT, Now NOT!! ;-D

dougmcx's picture
dougmcx in Toronto

was fat, now losing weight, need new recipes

Mabelita's picture
Mabelita in Washington, DC

Was at my highest weight and decided it was time for a change. Even at its high cost it truly inspires one to accomplish ones goal. 12...

ShannM7488's picture
ShannM7488 in Sk, Canada

Was always heavy but gained & didn't lose after two kids. Changed my mind frame and got rid of the weight because Ideal works fast...

renee01jez's picture
renee01jez in Chicago

Was a little overweight after having 4 kids. Want to drop the extra pounds. Starting last March and lost 15 pounds in 4 weeks. Went...

theresashaw's picture
theresashaw in manitoba

was 230 now trying to get to 150. this is my second time around.

johnsmith's picture
johnsmith in Toronto

wants to become a distributor

sandydevine's picture
sandydevine in Regina

Wanting to maintain health

islandgirl2135's picture
islandgirl2135 in Canada

wanting to lose wright

Fonzie's picture
Fonzie in Canada

Wanting to lose weight to prevent another knee replacement

kelsgels's picture
kelsgels in Manitoba

Wanting to lose weight quickly, but in a healthy way. Not really too sure if Ideal Protein is for me, but am very interested in it.

MichelleBrowm's picture
MichelleBrowm in Regina

Wanting to lose weight just new to tthis. I have started excersing. And eating more fruits and veggies. I have lost 3 pounds in 1 week...

alehuquet's picture
alehuquet in Round Rock

Wanting to lose weight healthily

tinajoop's picture
tinajoop in Champaign, IL

Wanting to lose weight and it has worked very well using ideal protein.

sharon 68's picture
sharon 68 in decatur illinois

wanting to lose weight

Luba's picture
Luba in Pitt meadows

wanting to lose weight

mreeve's picture
mreeve in quincy illinois

wanting to lose 60 poujnds

jallen's picture
jallen in kingsville ontario

wanting to lose 30lbs. and wanting to share with others.

Christine2013's picture
Christine2013 in Camrose, AB

Wanting to loose weight before I go on my honeymoon in February! Just got started.

sp_50's picture
sp_50 in Canada

Wanting to loose weight

colleen101's picture
colleen101 in Yorkton

Wanting to loose 30 lbs.

Jalasi's picture
Jalasi in Calgary

Wanting to Lear more about IP

morganb's picture
morganb in saskatoon

wanting to help a family member with their goal

Getting fit's picture
Getting fit in Canada

Wanting to be healthy

stolleson's picture
stolleson in kansas city

Wanting IP recipes

Cheryl Selwyn's picture
Cheryl Selwyn in Fort Walton Beach Florida

Wanted to start eating correct for my health

Jodyseidel's picture
Jodyseidel in Calgary

Wanted to lose a little weight but more importantly wanted to support my husband in losing weight

wschmitt007's picture
wschmitt007 in Beaverton, OR

Wanted to loose some extra weight before getting back into the gym. On my 5th week with just under 10 pounds left to loose. I have...

Jumstead's picture
Jumstead in Walford,ia

Wanted to loose a few pounds an this program worked great.

Mario's picture
Mario in Humboldt

Want to try this.

Donna's's picture
Donna's in Ontario

Want to see all that you creative cooks have to offer! I am an unimaginative cook and need all the help I can get. Struggled with...

pmatt1's picture
pmatt1 in California

want to lower BMI. Been doing this for 2 weeks and loving it

Brenda's picture
Brenda in Lloydminster

Want to lose wight & reduce number of medications

P George's picture
P George in St Charles

Want to lose weight, but need recipes with vegetables that Ideal Protein is ok with.

sgrant1's picture
sgrant1 in Worcester

Want to lose weight with this recipe

MJR's picture
MJR in Msp

Want to lose weight to get into clothes I have not worn for awhile. Lost 5.25 lbs first wk

kulakat's picture
kulakat in edmonton

Want to lose weight post baby. Tried a lot of other plans with no results.

ateldredge's picture
ateldredge in Baton Rouge

Want to lose weight in a healthy way

janice legere's picture
janice legere in Saint John

Want to lose weight for my daughter's wedding in August

bonbon's picture
bonbon in New Brunswick

Want to lose weight and keep it off.

Yvette03's picture
Yvette03 in Nova scotia

Want to lose weight and eat right !!!

loridorsey's picture
loridorsey in Virginia

Want to lose weight

maryteresa's picture
maryteresa in chicago

want to lose weight

Fat's picture
Fat in office

want to lose weight

nicoleashleyb's picture
nicoleashleyb in Edmonton

Want to lose weight

WTMock's picture
WTMock in Florida

Want to lose weight

alliegb's picture
alliegb in Moose Jaw

Want to lose some weight so I can tone - to look and feel better

IPGEC's picture
IPGEC in Louisiana

Want to lose last 30 pounds.

RK's picture
RK in Nova Scotia

want to lose a few pounds's picture
Jenninplano@yah... in Plano tx

want to lose 8 lbs

rwiseman68's picture
rwiseman68 in Ottawa, ON

want to lose 20 years of weight gain

traceyrotar's picture
traceyrotar in creston bc

want to lose 20 pounds

heather defigueiredo's picture
heather defigueiredo in dartmouth

want to lose 20 lbs

Muffin6's picture
Muffin6 in Spruce Grove

want to looses weight's picture
fcmddelorey@gma... in Canada

Want to loose weight !!

Stephpags's picture
Stephpags in Louisiana

Want to loose 10 lbs

Audrey's picture
Audrey in Saskatchewan

Want to learn new recipes.

jules-62's picture
jules-62 in fredericton, nb

want to get to a better and healthier lifestyle

linnieb's picture
linnieb in USA

Want to get thin

DTEULON's picture
DTEULON in Rimbey

want to get into shape

Denise Long's picture
Denise Long in NB

Want to get healthy

maire29's picture
maire29 in newton

Want to get healthy

Pam1's picture
Pam1 in Nova scotia

Want to eat healthy and reduce my sugar intake.

Andreanthompson's picture
Andreanthompson in Louisiana

Want to desperately lose weight

Em's picture
Em in Calgary

Want to be healthy and happy.

txlawla's picture
txlawla in texas

Want to be fabulous by 50

graygray's picture
graygray in alberta

want some ideas for new Ideal Protein meals

Tileblan's picture
Tileblan in Moncton, New Brusnwick

Wanna be healthy

northerngal's picture
northerngal in Northwest Territories


Fayeos1's picture
Fayeos1 in Enola PA

Via Synchrony ChiroCare

Wardnewminas's picture
Wardnewminas in New Minas, NS

Very positive first week!

lrickard's picture
lrickard in Saint John

Very new to this protocol

Bear Paw Lodge's picture
Bear Paw Lodge in Choiceland Saskatchewan

Very happy with Ideal Protein. Excited to change how I eat and live.

Mochajava's picture
Mochajava in Saskatchewan

Very easy program to follow. Best weight loss program that I have tried.

Laura c's picture
Laura c in Austin tx

Vegetarian that just wants more protein in diet

LP's picture
LP in Richmond, VA


Diamondlin's picture
Diamondlin in SI,NY

Various autoimmune diseases causing me to have a hard time losing weight so I have decided to try Ideal Protein

alicia21574's picture
alicia21574 in Montana

Using Ideal Protein to lose weight, feel great and be healthy

nicmoine's picture
nicmoine in Iowa

Used IP last year.

Cindea53's picture
Cindea53 in Here

Updated soon

charlygurrl's picture
charlygurrl in Alberta

Under construction!

warrior_tiger's picture
warrior_tiger in GTA

um... is this part mandatory? fine. hm, me... I'm usually kinda physically active but due to injuries (some from klutziness), illness...

penneye's picture
penneye in Nova Scotia

Type 2 diabetic, just working out a lot and trying to get the food right

mmagbee's picture
mmagbee in Baton Rouge

Two-and-a-half weeks into the diet. Already down 22 lbs

Natalie's picture
Natalie in Bismarck,ND

Two years ago I lost 40 lbs with Ideal Protein, and feel I need a boost. I have not gained the weight back, but feel my stomach getting...

InVA's picture
InVA in Virginia

Two weeks on IP down 7.5 lbs... Yippy....53 more to go! I am excited!!

Jean's picture
Jean in Morris, IL

Two weeks into ip and all I want are the bars

Shannonwyllie's picture
Shannonwyllie in Sicamous, BC

Two weeks have gone by and I am amazed at my progress!

Brooke Gerard's picture
Brooke Gerard in Calgary

twenty something female wanting to get her body back. Looking for inspiration.

sagrella's picture
sagrella in Houston, TX

Turning 60 in 2015. Don't want to weigh this much! For last 2 years have tried to lose weight but can't keep it off. Doctor thinks it...

Melodydawn's picture
Melodydawn in Hinton

Turning 50 and realize I need to get my health in check.

Robinkay's picture
Robinkay in Iowa

Turning 50 & want to feel better

RLizee's picture
RLizee in Leduc, AB

Turned 50 this year, and my goal is to drop 50 lbs.

Aimeeklaire's picture
Aimeeklaire in Roseville California

Turned 40 and metabolism just stopped. Gained 20 pounds in 6 months and copyright lose it with exercise. Fount ideal protein and lost 6...

nancyloucks's picture
nancyloucks in Torotnto

Tuning up

tigertail's picture
tigertail in Baton Rouge

Trying to stop yo-yo dieting.

jrawlinson's picture
jrawlinson in EC

Trying to stay healthy!

Mlovett's picture
Mlovett in Luling La

Trying to stay healthy for my self and my family.

Profileraf's picture
Profileraf in Nj

Trying to stay focused and lose weight

fluffessa's picture
fluffessa in Ontario, Canada

Trying to make myself healthy and look better at the same time.

hargrodw's picture
hargrodw in Oklahoma

Trying to make a change in my life.

Leigh's picture
Leigh in Gig Harbor, WA

Trying to maintain a low-carb diet.

scotemeek's picture
scotemeek in sudbury

Trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle

krue19's picture
krue19 in Prior Lake, MN

Trying to lost some freshman college weight plus some and supporting my mom too!

carmenroberge's picture
carmenroberge in Wetaskiwin

Trying to loss weight after having a baby.

mganzerla's picture
mganzerla in ms

trying to lose wt

Jersildsarah's picture
Jersildsarah in Pa

Trying to lose weight.

allhel's picture
allhel in Connecticut

Trying to lose weight.

SDelaune's picture
SDelaune in Louisiana

Trying to lose weight with my daughter

Betty Morin's picture
Betty Morin in Medicine Hat, Alberta

Trying to lose weight with Ideal Protein

Charity's picture
Charity in Indiana

Trying to lose weight post gastric bypass

Kelsey904's picture
Kelsey904 in Austin

Trying to lose weight on ideal protein

kwalla6's picture
kwalla6 in New Orleans, LA

Trying to lose weight in a city full of amazing fried food!!
23lbs down!

rosegonzalez's picture
rosegonzalez in ontario

trying to lose weight for a while and found this diet through a colleague

cody_92's picture
cody_92 in Miramichi, NB

Trying to lose weight and get more healthy

Lindas's picture
Lindas in Toronto

Trying to lose weight and eating healthier

Rose Burns's picture
Rose Burns in Halifax

Trying to lose weight and be healthy

jflemmons's picture
jflemmons in mansfield tx

Trying to lose weight after pregnancy

CammieCupcakes's picture
CammieCupcakes in Wisconsin

Trying to lose weight after my third child.

newbie's picture
newbie in Bible Hill

Trying to lose weight :)

kadvas's picture
kadvas in jamaica

Trying to lose weight

mianc's picture
mianc in US

Trying to lose weight

Elle822's picture
Elle822 in Paris, ON

Trying to lose the weight of life!

mauitoday's picture
mauitoday in Edmonton

Trying to lose the same 15 pounds for about 10 years

Jan Macdonald's picture
Jan Macdonald in Red Deer

Trying to lose the last 15 pounds. Still in phase one.

Vicki M's picture
Vicki M in Hampstead, MD

Trying to lose some weight.

divaxena's picture
divaxena in BC

Trying to lose my last 40 lbs!!!!

rbaicus's picture
rbaicus in Abbotsford

Trying to lose my last 10 pounds I did this before I wanna get back in shape

Pdara's picture
Pdara in Armstrong

Trying to lose baby weight

monique's picture
monique in New Hampshire

Trying to lose a little weight for the summer bathing suit weather

dawnmd95's picture
dawnmd95 in ontario canada

Trying to lose a hundred lbs, have lost 32 so far.

liltlejo's picture
liltlejo in Canada

Trying to lose a few extra pounds

vm1228's picture
vm1228 in Texas

Trying to lose 50 lobs.

Debik500's picture
Debik500 in Centreville va

trying to lose 50 lbs

lvitupgirl's picture
lvitupgirl in Georgia, USA

Trying to lose 45lbs.'s picture in Irving, TX

Trying to lose 40 in my third week and have lost almost 10.

brenda179's picture
brenda179 in arthur on

trying to lose 40 lbs I have lost 23 feeling great but need some new recipes

Carolinewoods's picture
Carolinewoods in Edmonton Alberta Canada

Trying to lose 30lbs

Latashachap's picture
Latashachap in home

trying to lose 30 to 52lbs by eating proper foods.

Mamico's picture
Mamico in Elms dale

Trying to lose 30 lbs

SherylR's picture
SherylR in Louisiana

Trying to lose 18 pounds after quitting smoking!
Am 1/2 way there. My progress has slowed but I am still committed.

Chrispower's picture
Chrispower in Dartmouth

Trying to lose 10 pounds and this is a wonderfully easy way to do it!

flemingo's picture
flemingo in casa grande

trying to loose weight so I feal well again

almeidam's picture
almeidam in Austin tx

Trying to loose weight

Stilesfam's picture
Stilesfam in St. Albert, Alberta

Trying to loose the last of the baby pounds. So far so good!

Rita White's picture
Rita White in Redcliff Alberta

Trying to loose extra weight that I have been carrying for years

MPayne's picture
MPayne in San Antonio, TX

Trying to loose 45 lbs

cjohn's picture
cjohn in Alberta

Trying to loose 20 lbs

katemlilly's picture
katemlilly in Texas

Trying to loose 10 lbs

Paintedladykay's picture
Paintedladykay in Nova Scotia

Trying to live a healthy life

stepsco's picture
stepsco in Saskatchewan

Trying to live a healthy life

Sva130470's picture
Sva130470 in Nova Scotia

Trying to Lise weight all my life

dupuima's picture
dupuima in Ottawa

Trying to lead a healthier life for myself and my future.

annalea's picture
annalea in Canada

trying to get the family and self to eat healthy

Carolyn's picture
Carolyn in Austin

Trying to get rid of the middle age and menopause spread.

MacLizzy's picture
MacLizzy in Ottawa Canada

Trying to get rid of middle age spread

Avril007's picture
Avril007 in YYR

trying to get on the track of being healthy and losing the extra weight.

janevir's picture
janevir in Billings, MT

Trying to get off the weight I've put on in "middle age."

jenlh's picture
jenlh in wv

Trying to get my life back through eating more healthy and feeling like myself again.

AllyD's picture
AllyD in Ontario

Trying to get healthy- looking for new recipes

centerseattle's picture
centerseattle in Seattle

Trying to get healthy as I approach 50

Lori.thom's picture
Lori.thom in Alberta

Trying to get healthy and lean. Struggled with weight for years, just want to feel good.

Miranda's picture
Miranda in Whitehorse

Trying to get healthy and fit

Robyn Holmes's picture
Robyn Holmes in Hedley, bc

Trying to get healthy and feel good about myself.

bootsie19801's picture
bootsie19801 in East Bridgewater, MA

Trying to get healthy

fortheloveduck's picture
fortheloveduck in Worthington , Kentucky

Trying to get healthy

Ellana's picture
Ellana in Kingston

Trying to get healthier

jaszmark's picture
jaszmark in Montana

Trying to get control of my life.

amandacisecki's picture
amandacisecki in Saskatoon, SK

Trying to get back to pre-baby fitness level.

Missmouse70's picture
Missmouse70 in Canada

Trying to get back on track after losing my sister this Thanksgiving morning. I have also lost 5 other family members in less then a...

jayjay's picture
jayjay in Venice, Florida

trying to follow this ideal protein program but need a little diversity so that it doesn't become boring.

Kellyb's picture
Kellyb in Red Deer, AB

Trying to finish my weight loss. I've lost weight with ideal protein and really like the program.

Murdy322's picture
Murdy322 in Maryland

Trying to find recipes to continue my journey's picture
sweetCnurse@yah... in united states

trying to find more recipes for Ideal Protein; to keep me motivated :-)

snave1mot's picture
snave1mot in United States

Trying to find healthy alternatives

piratecheck's picture
piratecheck in Pocatello

Trying to find a diet the will work and help me to maintain my weight.cow

bmunday's picture
bmunday in Maryland

Trying to find a better healthier eating lifestyle. I am dealing with a thyroid issue which makes it severely difficult to lose any...

LYNNG56's picture
LYNNG56 in canada

trying to entertain company that is on ideal protein

kjudge4910's picture
kjudge4910 in Indianapolis

Trying to educate myself with Ideal Protein diet.

budgirl65's picture
budgirl65 in ontario

Trying to eat healthy and lose weight's picture
dragonfly.rn@ho... in Gatineau

Trying to eat healthier and looking for recipes to achieve my goal.

Stephenlys's picture
Stephenlys in Sask

Trying to drop 20

Krisf's picture
Krisf in Fargo ND

trying to diet

Nettie's picture
Nettie in Fort St John

Trying to change my life

Ronnie's picture
Ronnie in West Virginia

Trying to become healthy for my wife and kids and improve my over all health

Edecker608's picture
Edecker608 in Illinois

Trying to be healthy and fit!

Wendyban's picture
Wendyban in Ontario

trying to be healthy and fit .Maintaining a healthy weight .

shreed's picture
shreed in middle of nowhere

trying to be healthy

just_me's picture
just_me in Newfoundland

trying to be a slimmer me

deb5's picture
deb5 in New Jersey

Trying to add variation to the diet so that I can be successful. I'm looking forward to trying some of these great recipes!

sunny's picture
sunny in Ontario

Trying the protocol for the first time...been successful in the past with Weight Watchers and Dr. Bernstein

mnewhard's picture
mnewhard in Wisconsin

Trying the IP Program and looking for recipes that are creative and delicious.

Juliegrn's picture
Juliegrn in Ontario

Trying something new. Tired of feeling sluggish all the time.

sforpahl's picture
sforpahl in Baton Rouge

Trying something new.

Lorianne's picture
Lorianne in Edmonton

Trying something new - lots of friends have had success - doing this with my husband.

KARIJOA's picture
KARIJOA in Arlington,

Trying new recipes. I have several friends on this diet.

KIMB's picture


Jodi Medak's picture
Jodi Medak in Regina, Saskatchewan

trying hard to succeed

Joanne's picture
Joanne in Nova Scotia

Trying hard to give up sugar

Bethbright's picture
Bethbright in Ottawa

Trying a new diet to lose weight

ymoore's picture
ymoore in USA

Try to stay healthy and fit

poppaken's picture
poppaken in Montana

troulble losing

lindahicks's picture
lindahicks in Agassiz

trouble losing weight on my own so wanted something that I could have my own food too

Breanna's picture
Breanna in Campbell. River

Tried to lose 30lbs for years now, have only lost 3lbs to gain back 2 so I don't get very far. Have finally decided to get help and so...

Rym311's picture
Rym311 in Louisiana

Tried several diets.some worked but I am on the verge of being diabetic and this is the only one that I found that could help reduce...

psemb's picture
psemb in Erving, Ma

Tried many diets. I lost 39 lbs on IP. Have kept it off by living on Phase 4. It is a way of life for me. It works.

ellen thompson's picture
ellen thompson in Omaha

Tried many diets but always gained weight back. Have been on the Ideal Proteib diet for two months and have lost 18 pounds and love it...

jbtmolnar's picture
jbtmolnar in Alberta

Tried lots of diets. J. Craig diet worked but was too expensive. Then 3 girls at work tried IP and all seemed to melt weight off...

tbirdslimming's picture
tbirdslimming in Danville,Va

Tried lots of diet plans and Ideal Protein has been better than anything I have ever done. It satisfied and your energy level stays up...

annie6's picture
annie6 in Courtenay

Tried everything to lose this 20 lbs I had and nothing worked then my mom went on Ideal Protein and lost an amazing 50lbs!! It was the...

qualireq's picture
qualireq in Calgary

Tried everything before…now am trying this.

dsal1871's picture
dsal1871 in Fallston MD

Tried every diet out there only on week 2, down 5 # yay!

JudyTheriot's picture
JudyTheriot in USA

Tried diets that didn't work.hope this does

challier's picture
challier in Iowa

Tried dieting multiple times and failed.

dakota1234's picture
dakota1234 in Baton Rouge, LA

Tried before and worked great. Did not go through all phases.
Started again today. Never felt better and rheumatoid arthritis...

Newme's picture
Newme in Oklahoma, USA

Tried all of them. If this doesn't work, I'm in a lot of trouble. Do not want gastric bypass. Already lost 10 pounds but have...

Michellenixie's picture
Michellenixie in Nova scotia

Tried all kinds if diets none work until now, lost 17 so far 17 left to go!

lemewh's picture
lemewh in Ohio

Traveler, pet lover, foodie

Annie's picture
Annie in Cochrane

Travel a lot with job and need to eat better.

Bpsimas's picture
Bpsimas in Virginia

Took part in ideal protein program

Val lees's picture
Val lees in Canwood

Too fat joined last year

Darren Perrotto's picture
Darren Perrotto in fredericksburg Va

too fat

cathyplsn's picture
cathyplsn in illinois

tomorrow will be the end of week one on the ideal protein diet. Im having troubles finding a variety of foods i can eat. I so want to...

catz80's picture
catz80 in Jennings Louisiana

Tomorrow I start! I have over 100 pounds to lose, but I will be successful!

cappy115's picture
cappy115 in NJ

Today is my first day starting IP. My biggest challenge will be cooking at night (I don't like to cook). I have been struggling to...

Bdouzart's picture
Bdouzart in Louisiana

today is Day 1! I'm hopeful!

Cherishwellman's picture
Cherishwellman in Dublin

To lose weight to feel happy and healthy.

JuanitaM's picture
JuanitaM in Coldbrook, NS

To lose weight for medical reasons and to feel good about myself

Tami Uzzell's picture
Tami Uzzell in Campbell River

To loose weight

Lana Gerein's picture
Lana Gerein in Wilkie,SK

To follow

Deb Miller's picture
Deb Miller in Courtenay BC

Tired,old & fat, don't want to be tired &fat anymore! OK with being old!

Michele's picture
Michele in Dartmouth

Tired of yo-yo dieting

sue feauto's picture
sue feauto in Kerrville, TX

Tired of worrying about being fat!

Mlakoduk's picture
Mlakoduk in Kansas

Tired of trying to diet on my own. I decided to give Ideal Protein a try due to the flexibility with my work schedule. I'm benefiting...

cmwick's picture
cmwick in Godfrey, IL

Tired of the yo-yo. Am currently on the first phase of Ideal Protein and am working toward increasing my new recipe base so I can...

Hummingbird48's picture
Hummingbird48 in Canada

Tired of not loosing weight...Now with Ideal Protein hope I start loosing some....

HopeD's picture
HopeD in NY

Tired of losing and gaining weight. Looking to make IP my life style.

Mary cogburn's picture
Mary cogburn in duncansville, pa

Tired of gaining weight each year.

mbree's picture
mbree in Canada

Tired of being overweight. It's time to get healthy!

Cathy B's picture
Cathy B in Massillon

Tired of being chubby and not having energy. I've been dieting for as long ask can remember and it's time to get some results!

Kentvictoria's picture
Kentvictoria in nevada

Tired of being bloated!!!!! Feeling gross......

Foodie's picture
Foodie in Calgary, AB

Time to get healthy. Best birthday present I could give myself.

julianne's picture
julianne in Saskatchewan

Time for changes!

robanddar's picture
robanddar in winnipeg

tied of eating junk food

sheri's picture
sheri in Olds

Thyroid says it all

Linda J's picture
Linda J in Texas

Throughout my adult life I have struggled with my weight as it slowly crept up through the years being exasperated by pregnancies,...

Dawn's picture
Dawn in Alberta

This works.

Jennifer Ghamami's picture
Jennifer Ghamami in Thornhill, Ontario

this will be my second time going on it.the first time i lost 18 pounds in under 2 months but went on a trip and did not phase off...

Mattie's picture
Mattie in Tinley Park

This time I'm going all the way!

dbbiesexsmith's picture
dbbiesexsmith in stewiacke

This plan is very simple and enjoyagle

lizzie's picture
lizzie in harwich, ma. usa

This my second week on IP and I have lost almost 12 pounds and inches everywhere ( except hips ). I'm so excited.

Onewing12's picture
Onewing12 in Canada

This journey is an investment in me.

Ideallisa's picture
Ideallisa in Vancouver

This Is week 8 for me. I have lost 21 lbs

Sugarmud's picture
Sugarmud in Illinois

This is the only diet that delivers on their promise. You will lose weight. I'm 70 years old and I tried every diet. This one...

stardonnie7's picture
stardonnie7 in Ralph

This is the new website set up by yolander smith. Yes sir.

ronkesti's picture
ronkesti in sedro wooley

this is the best diet I have tried I lose 6 to 8 lbs a week

Easton193's picture
Easton193 in Burke,Sd

This is part of a lifestyle change.

subreina's picture
subreina in calgary

This is my third time being on the diet, because I love it. I had to quit once because I got pregnant, and now I'M BACK!!! So far 've...

cameron's picture
cameron in Saskatchewan

this is my second week

Lee's picture
Lee in Moncton NB

This is my second try at IP- I lost 25 the first time and have gained it all back. I know for sure that I can not eat sugar- ever again...'s picture
joleenalger@gma... in Meadow Lake

This is my second time on the IP diet. I am interested in trying new recipes.

Christine Gervais's picture
Christine Gervais in Ottawa

This is my second time on Ideal protein. The first time was 5 years ago, and i lost 44 lbs... i had a bad year and gained alot of it...

Amanda Carpenter's picture
Amanda Carpenter in London, Ontario

This is my second time on Ideal Protein. The first time I lost 56lbs. It really is a wonderful program!

jnpurdham's picture
jnpurdham in Maryland

This is my second time doing Ideal Protein. I feel the first time didn't stick because I got bored. Every day was the same. Salad,...

Pieces's picture
Pieces in Alberta

This is my second round with Ideal Protein

jfred's picture
jfred in IL

This is my second journey on ideal protein. I lost 60 lbs the first time and quit for financial reasons. Well I am back now just...

Kris10's picture
Kris10 in Craven, Sask

This is my second attempt at ideal protein, it worked well the first time, but I let life get in the way and fell off the wagon. I have...

Joyful's picture
Joyful in NJ

this is my last resort!

Mommamia's picture
Mommamia in Oklahoma, USA

This is my last diet. I have got to lose with this. I want to run with my grand daughter

Angela Jacob's picture
Angela Jacob in Upland, CA

This is my first week on the Ideal Protein Program. I was encourage to try this program because of a friend who had a hard time losing...

Xmiakoda's picture
Xmiakoda in Calgary Alberta

This is my first day on ideal protein. Looking to learn lots

fabfeet's picture
fabfeet in Maple Ridge

This is my 2nd go at this incredible diet. I lost about 62lbs. my first time and felt and looked great. Some of that has come back on...

Ksamps's picture
Ksamps in Halifax, Nova Scotia

This is great!!! There are some good looking recipes here to keep me motivated!

tsbielefeld's picture
tsbielefeld in Maple Valley, Wa

This is easiest diet to follow ever and works with all my arthritis meds

arstar66's picture
arstar66 in nova scotia

this is a start for a whole new me.This time I am going to do it!!!

Olga S's picture
Olga S in Toronto

This is a simple story.
Gain weight, lost weight , gane agin.
Now I am at 228 lb. This is a second time in my life I got to...

Jdyck's picture
Jdyck in Saskatoon

This is a fantastic program, not only do you lose weight you feel fantastic. I have learnt so many things that I never knew before with...

gcopter's picture
gcopter in St. Peter, MN

This is a big year for me. Two of our children are getting married this summer and I turn 60 in October. I just decided it was time to...

hatulaverne's picture
hatulaverne in Blackfalds

This diet really works, I initially lost 23lbs, with the stress of a move from the Territories to Alberta, I have gained a little back...

Lynnieg372's picture
Lynnieg372 in USA

Third week into diet

Shandell's picture
Shandell in Edmonton,Albert Canada

Third time starting diet because of pregnancies, WARNING you become very fertile on this lifestyle

binky47's picture
binky47 in Halifax, NS

Thinking I am gluten intolerant. Having a great deal of difficulty losing weight.

gaspegirl's picture
gaspegirl in Quebec

Thinking about starting the IP diet … but really hesitant because of potential weight gain once I reach my goal.

muffin's picture
muffin in Canada

The usual

gail kemper's picture
gail kemper in NW Indiana

The typical, yo-yo dieting for 35 years... this plan has been the best ever... I look forward to keeping the weight off for the rest of...

jbryant's picture
jbryant in south dakota

The program works. Key to success is keep mixing it up with new recipes.

sandhillsgirl's picture
sandhillsgirl in GA

The pounds have crept up and I have a family trip scheduled for later in the year. If I can stick with this plan, I'll be in great...

Lfontenot's picture
Lfontenot in Louisiana

the pounds crept on with age....need to come off!!

ideallyJudy's picture
ideallyJudy in Schererville, IN

The Ideally Diet Program is nutritional and east to follow.

AmberSears0114's picture
AmberSears0114 in Colville, WA

The first few days were SO hard to control myself from eating everything in my house. After those first few days, though, it gets easier...

anamaria bandici's picture
anamaria bandici in windsor

the best weight loss program

oshawnee's picture
oshawnee in Valparaiso

Thanks I just started in February and have lost 21 pounds

Carynm1's picture
Carynm1 in South Jordan, UT

Ten weeks on ideal protein and I'm down 37 pounds. I feel amazing!! Love, love it!

kelly's picture
kelly in missouri

Ten weeks on diet have lost 46 lbs.

bonnie gibbons's picture
bonnie gibbons in Oshawa

tell you later

kimberley01's picture
kimberley01 in Regina, Saskatchewan

Tell ya Later!

beckster38's picture
beckster38 in Bend, OR

Teacher, mom.......will fill in more later

ldunstall's picture
ldunstall in Onoway


Bjohnsonla's picture
Bjohnsonla in Tbd


TrevSc's picture
TrevSc in Medicine Hat


joseedaigle67's picture
joseedaigle67 in eastern passage ns


Heatherc's picture
Heatherc in CapeBreton, NS

Sure it will work!

Nelb's picture
Nelb in Tennessee

Successfully went thru the IP DIET, took 4 months to lose approx 30 lbs. thrilled! But, 18 months later, salads not not as much of the...

Michellezp's picture
Michellezp in Chicago

Stuck at 138...want to get below 130!

Devaprice's picture
Devaprice in Texas

Stubborn weight problem. I've gained and lost the same 20 pounds for the last 3 years. Just need to jump start my program to get this...

Val Marie's picture
Val Marie in Stienbach MB

Struggling with my weight and to loose a few pounds so my blood sugar levels out.

Toto's picture
Toto in United States

Struggling with Ideal Protein program - looking for recipes.

heatherpage's picture
heatherpage in Utah, USA

Struggling to stay on this diet.

Teena's picture
Teena in Tampa, Fl

Struggling to stay on diet, looking for exciting new recipes

Mackey.tracey's picture
Mackey.tracey in Alberta

Struggling to lose weight, heard about ip from a friend

RachelleMills's picture
RachelleMills in Moncton

Struggling to lose weight

Ghislaine's picture
Ghislaine in Cornwall, Ontario

Struggling to loose my last 11 pounds....very difficult

cherylh's picture
cherylh in wisconsin

Struggling to get the last 5 pounds off and keep it off

Lori Feil's picture
Lori Feil in Sarasota, Florida

Struggling to get back on IP program after late last year losing about 30 pounds, went on cruise and went off program and have been...

dorebea's picture
dorebea in Arizona

Struggling now. Need variety.'s picture
Irisheyes247@gm... in Ottawa, Ontario

Struggled with weight my entire life. Lost 70 lbs and kept it off for 20 years but let myself go and gained it alla back. Now I am...

Oraccas68's picture
Oraccas68 in Penticton

Struggled with weight issues all my life

CThomas's picture
CThomas in Pickering, ON

Struggled with weight gain since I underwent treatment for an hormonal imbalance. I've tried other systems with some success but have...

sunshinemoney's picture
sunshinemoney in Northern Ontario

Struggled with weight for years. Family tried Ideal Protein and were successful at losing weight.

tmurph's picture
tmurph in Crested Butte, Colorado

Struggled to lose the same 15 pounds over and over again...Ideal Protein has helped me shed 10 pounds so far! No looking back!

t vito's picture
t vito in phoenix, az, usa

struggled for a couple of years to get past my diet "plateau". Saw success with friends on IP plan. I tried it and am 14 pounds below my...

scpierard's picture
scpierard in Illinois

Struggle with weight my whole life. Hoping for some success with this program

ml_nations's picture
ml_nations in Clinton, Mississippi

Story to be determined

jennamomofthree's picture
jennamomofthree in South Dakota

Still working but so far I'm down 50 pounds!

sglover1's picture
sglover1 in Lakeland

Still being written!!!

Quartz's picture
Quartz in Charlottetown

Still a work in progress :)

Gissy's picture
Gissy in Saint John

Steady weight gain over a period of many years - would love to get back to a decent size again!

Thomas's picture
Thomas in Ontario

Stay motivated, new recipes always

kb4ird's picture
kb4ird in indiana

stay at home mom of 3-year-old. need to lose 70 lbs. 16 down in three weeks.

Natasha's picture
Natasha in Devon, ab

Stay at home mom of 2 who has always struggled with my weight. Everytine I lose the weight it always creeps back up. I hope one day I...

spotparis's picture
spotparis in Onatrio Canada

starts IP on Jan 29 @181lbs. previously down to 139lbsfrom 240lbs at my heaviest time with WW in 2009-2010. Slowly started getting back...

carmbud's picture
carmbud in plamondon

starting weight 218, most recent weigh in 148, almost at my goal of 140 !!!!!!

nancyraben's picture
nancyraben in Bastrop texas

Starting week 2. I was a little disappointed in my first weigh in. Today is Halloween. I am thrilled Isde it through the day without...

gotm2000's picture
gotm2000 in VA

Starting using IP and would like some receipes especially on veggies

kyladawn's picture
kyladawn in Edmonton

Starting up IP again. trying to lose an extra 20 lbs

knute's picture
knute in Stevensville MT

Starting today !!

Kthyk8's picture
Kthyk8 in South Dakota

Starting this week.

gotpigs's picture
gotpigs in chino valley, AZ

Starting the IP diet after my hubby was diagnosed as prediabetic. So far so good, but always looking for new recipes!

crusher27's picture
crusher27 in Montreal

Starting Phase 1; Looking for recepies

laxmom97's picture
laxmom97 in CT

Starting over.

Milascio's picture
Milascio in New Jersey

Starting out, losing slowly

Gloague's picture
Gloague in Tupelo MS

Starting out on ideal protein. Trying to get recipe ideas.

missvicki's picture
missvicki in Alberta

Starting on week 2 and have lost 13 lbs.'s picture
janiskeen@hotma... in central Texas

starting on program

Debra Rogers's picture
Debra Rogers in South Carolina

Starting on Phase One

slfaucher's picture
slfaucher in Calgary

Starting on phase 1 of diet

nt2tame's picture
nt2tame in Cape Cod

Starting on 8/29/13

Username's picture
Username in Medicine Hat Alberta

Starting my journey with Ideal Protein program. My goal is to lose 25 lbs and lower my blood pressure and cholesterol.

hollym's picture
hollym in Texas

Starting journey to lose weight and increase energy

Tricky69's picture
Tricky69 in Manitoba

Starting IP. Day 1 is tomorrow. The journey begins!!

mom2nb's picture
mom2nb in Ontario

Starting IP today!

RebeccaMiller's picture
RebeccaMiller in Chicago

Starting IP on Tuesday

MoeJack's picture
MoeJack in new jersey

Starting IP on Jan 1, 2015

deb77's picture
deb77 in fort worth

Starting IP for the first time!

tletnes's picture
tletnes in WA


jwinder's picture
jwinder in Saskatchewan

Starting IP diet on Monday

lynnshannon's picture
lynnshannon in Cedar Rapids

Starting IP 1-9-14

Joy's picture
Joy in Wisconsin

Starting Ideal Protein...enjoy a new way of eating

Adrienne17's picture
Adrienne17 in New Jersey

Starting Ideal Protein.... On day 4

carrie's picture
carrie in wa

starting Ideal Protein this week!

bridgetboix's picture
bridgetboix in houston

Starting Ideal Protein shortly and want to learn how to cook for it.

tbrink1's picture
tbrink1 in Iowa

Starting Ideal Protein

Theresa Henry's picture
Theresa Henry in Canada

Starting a restart

Crow's picture
Crow in auburn, wa

Starting 9/2/2014 age 45 250#
prediabetic, scared, and needing a change
Mom to 5 birds, 2 dogs and 3 fish.
Married, no...

Smf1960's picture
Smf1960 in New jersey


TraceyS's picture
TraceyS in Edmonton

Started. June 29th 2014, have lost 30 lbs

macdaw's picture
macdaw in bc

Started with ideal protien in Jan 2014 lost a total of 45lbs in 4 months now in maintenance and loving it!!

Monda Kelley's picture
Monda Kelley in Vermont

Started with Ideal Protein plan. Saw the last overweight picture of me that I am going to see. I'm 51 and tired of being too old for my...

patriciaknapp's picture
patriciaknapp in Regina, SK

Started with Ideal Protein in late February...slowly approaching my goal weight. Looking forward to some variation in my diet. These...

sylvieevans's picture
sylvieevans in Cambridge, Ontario

Started with I.P Oct 2013 and it's the only diet that has worked for me. Down 20 pounds and haven't felt better. I have so much energy...

SUNSNWGRL's picture
SUNSNWGRL in illinois

started today

janelmerkel's picture
janelmerkel in aberdeen, sd

Started to lose weight by other means. But when I was told by my cousins this was one of the best ways they could of tried to lose...

Polya's picture
Polya in BC

Started this plan on March 2 and am loving the results. 28lbs lost so far and many many inches.

awiederhold's picture
awiederhold in Giddings tx

Started this for medical reasons

myfolly's picture
myfolly in Belle Vernon, PA

Started the program back in 2013 and have been very happy - down almost 100 lbs and feel great!

troopert31's picture
troopert31 in Spokane, WA

Started the program 3-weeks ago

Tmiller's picture
Tmiller in Coal City, IL

Started the IP diet December 1, I've made it through the holidays losing and not gaining. I'm down almost 20 pounds and 15 cumulative...

2bjoyful's picture
2bjoyful in Mooresville, NC

Started the ideal protein phase one week ago. Lost 7.5 pounds plus inches. Ready for week2

tracy2308's picture
tracy2308 in Fitchburg, MA

Started the Ideal Protein diet on 4/28/14, I am looking forward to see the results.

ckoch's picture
ckoch in Boone

Started the Ideal Protein Diet March 13, 2014 and have lost 39lbs. I still need to lose another 20 so taking one day at a time.

noodle11's picture
noodle11 in cornwall

started the ideal protein diet a month ago and looking for recipes

james edwards's picture
james edwards in kempthead boularderie n.s.

started the ideal protein diet 2 weeks ago and lost 12 pounds my first 2 weeks,so not too bad and not cranky or hungry on this program,...

Karkabar's picture
Karkabar in Anchorage Alaska

Started the Ideal program to lose a little weight but to also be a diet buddy to my daughter. We are doing this together - just started...

gloriacrn57's picture
gloriacrn57 in Pelham, NH

Started the diet April 3rd, 2013. I lost a total of 52 pounds. Off my high blood pressure pills. This is the best diet I ever did!!!

allieo's picture
allieo in Ontario

Started the diet almost six weeks ago to lose some wright and get healthy for my Wedding this coming August. I've lost 15 pounds and 10...

Alo's picture
Alo in ns

started recently- diabetic- wanted to loose weight and manage sugars more effectively with a busy lifestyle- my mom and uncle havbe lost...

lindsay82's picture
lindsay82 in kootenays

started on Nov. 8 and have lost 23 lbs so far

Ctkacik's picture
Ctkacik in Colorado

Started on July 3 and have lost 46 pounds so far.

cvarty's picture
cvarty in Kingwood, TX

Started on January 25th, very motivated to get off medication and be healthy. My beautiful grandbabies were my motivation. I needed to...

sbarr1313's picture
sbarr1313 in Indianapolis, IN

Started on IP in Jan 2014, with 100+ pounds to lose. Love the program -- it's working!

Lsearle's picture
Lsearle in Ontario

Started on ideal protein lost 30 lbs. easiest plan I've ever followed! Been on every diet ever known. This plan really works and is...

Gwenyth-Keith's picture
Gwenyth-Keith in Sarnia, Ontario

Started on Ideal Protein Diet in November of 2014. After seeing my results my husband started a few weeks later. We are enjoying this...

cassidylindenbach's picture
cassidylindenbach in Regina, SK

Started my weightloss journey with Ideal Protein on November 18th, 2013. Goal of losing 30 lbs. Ultimate goal is 50 lbs!

sfields17's picture
sfields17 in Stevens Point

Started my weight at 160 lb currently 138 lb this diet works if followed correctly!

Preilly's picture
Preilly in Edmonton
(Patrick Reilly)

started my journey at 257 in January and after about six week I have lost 31 lbs. I am half way to my goal. I have another 25 lbs to go...

deezle's picture
deezle in New Liskeard

Started my journey at 189 lbs. Got to 130 last summer, but have not been following any diet of any type, so now I am back up to 145...

Kgmaxtrow's picture
Kgmaxtrow in Wausau, WI

Started my Ideal Protein adventure 10 days ago. My goal is to loss 57.2 ponds. So far feeling great and going strong!

Suedaymac's picture
Suedaymac in MA

Started losing weight in July and have lost 41 lbs to date. That's great, but what is much more remarkable is that I have been able to...

Shugar's picture
Shugar in Vancouver

Started July 15th! Ready, willing, and committed to my weight loss.

Annamimi's picture
Annamimi in Bossier city La.

Started Jan 9, 2014. Looking for doable recipesF

bisste's picture
bisste in Washington

Started IP with my husband a little over a year ago. We both got to our goal weights within 6 months. Going back on Phase 1 to drop...

AZLinda's picture
AZLinda in Arizona

Started IP using Alternatives May 21st 2014

islandgirlwannabe's picture
islandgirlwannabe in Nb

Started IP today need to lose over 100 pounds and I have seen a lot of people succeeding with this program. Cant wait to make positive...

jggersh's picture
jggersh in Commack NY

Started IP todaY

AmiraLoney's picture
AmiraLoney in Deseronto

Started IP on September 28, 2013 and I'm loving it! I feel wonderful and the program is really working for me.

wendall's picture
wendall in ontario

started ip on monday

lcarroll9161's picture
lcarroll9161 in Maryland

Started IP on 9/15/14 and in almost 6 months I have lost 60 pounds

Tschillig's picture
Tschillig in Iowa

Started IP on 8/24/14 and as of today 1/24/15 I have lost 48 pounds's picture in Ellensburg, Wa

Started IP on 6-13-14

anniez's picture
anniez in iowa

Started IP on 11/7/14 @ 267 and am at last weigh in on 11/21 was at 259. Planned off day on 11/22 for Thanksgiving with family but back...

traylork's picture
traylork in CT

Started IP October 2012; I was on and then off until I meet a person that was on the same diet and then it clicked in April 2013 since...

sshort's picture
sshort in Boston, MA

Started IP November 2013

kob's picture
kob in Minooka,IL

Started IP less than a week ago. So excited!

linda stephan's picture
linda stephan in saskatchewan canada

Started IP June 18. Am interested in finding recipes to keep it simple and easy for work days.

nanadlarsen's picture
nanadlarsen in Breton

Started IP June 1. Have 30lbs to lose. Looking for great recipes.

Cindihealy's picture
Cindihealy in Auburn Wa.

started IP Jan 26 2015 want to lose 35lbs

Elizabeth Hrappstead's picture
Elizabeth Hrappstead in Edson Alberta

Started IP in July and quickly shed 70lbs. Am now a personal coach with the clinic here.

Muneca's picture
Muneca in So Cal

Started IP in January/2014. Now on Phase 4 but need recipes to keep me out of trouble!

Suzybloom's picture
Suzybloom in Edmonton, AB

Started IP in January, Goal 75lbs. Loving the structure of being on a strict diet, but sometimes needs inspirations for dinners!

christie_philpott's picture
christie_philpott in Fort McMurray

Started IP in Fort McMurray and just looking for some recipes, and tips to help through my weight loss

dawningofday's picture
dawningofday in Alberta

Started IP Feb 18 /13. Lost 40 pound so far and signed up for two 5 km runs. Never thought I would be able to say that.

patches2009's picture
patches2009 in Texas

Started IP beginning of March and have lost 36lbs to date. Love their plan!!

miayorkie's picture
miayorkie in Woodstock, ON

Started IP August 1 and have lost about 19 lbs.

Michelle Morisset's picture
Michelle Morisset in Oliver, BC

Started IP again this past April, lost 85 lbs on the first round and now wanting to loose more.

betterhalf's picture
betterhalf in Washington

started IP after thinking and watching my neigbor have great success with it. I started in June 2012 and i'm only 10lbs from goal 1-3-...

jennygirl's picture
jennygirl in Ontario

Started IP about one month ago. Am down 18.5lbs so far. Just here to look for more recipes and ideas.

happy111's picture
happy111 in Wyoming

started IP 9/23

NurseDoctor's picture
NurseDoctor in Mukilteo WA

Started IP 5 weeks ago and have lost 34lbs and 49 inches.

Gam's picture
Gam in NS

Started IP 4weeks ago and I'm loving the results. Down 15 lbs. I have followed the protocol exactly as outlined; it works!!!

Pat Faulkner's picture
Pat Faulkner in Dartmouth, NS

Started IP 4 weeks ago and doing well. Looking for receips

khaslam's picture
khaslam in halifax ns.

started IP 3 weeks ago. so far so good

membo's picture
membo in WR GA

Started IP 1 Feb 2013 -

Hollys's picture
Hollys in Castlegar

Started in tis protocol 1 week ago

Karen Karlen's picture
Karen Karlen in Pierre, S.D.

Started in Pierre, S.D. and plan to lose 20# and keep it off.

tina.elcoate's picture
tina.elcoate in Medicine Hat Alberta

Started Ideal Protien May22 2013

Tvierckrn's picture
Tvierckrn in Kennewick, wa

Started ideal protien February 23rd.

Weegie's picture
Weegie in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Started Ideal Protien approx 6weeks ago, 29.5 weight loss. Been overweight pretty much all my life! Im boarderline diabetic and high...

Lady Jai's picture
Lady Jai in Victoria, BC

Started Ideal Protein yesterday, so just looking for some inspiration :)

yvetteoake's picture
yvetteoake in Burgeo ,NL

Started Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program 2 days ago far its been good .Always had a weight problem ,have tried so many diets and...

Mamadar's picture
Mamadar in Calgary

Started Ideal Protein two weeks ago.

bewell's picture
bewell in Colorado

Started Ideal Protein to encourage my husband on his weight loss journey and reset my insulin production.

Buddy's mom's picture
Buddy's mom in Huntersville nc

Started Ideal Protein protocol 6 weeks ago after seeing my sister who had done the diet. She looked fabulous! My goal is to loose 33...

lorraine sutherland's picture
lorraine sutherland in Alberta

Started Ideal Protein Program in Sept 2014,to date I have lost 49 pounds. Iam a diabetic and have Hashimotos disease. I find the diet to...

Rahrah0825's picture
Rahrah0825 in Surprise,AZ

Started Ideal Protein program about a month ago and always looking for new creative ways to prepare the food.

out2sea4fun's picture
out2sea4fun in Idaho

Started Ideal Protein on 02/01/13, beginning weight 155, height 5'4". Lost 25 lbs as of 04/05/13. Feel much better. Want to lose...

marslick's picture
marslick in Iowa

Started ideal protein Mar 27. Started at 148 and today April 7 I at 140.75. Want to lose 25. Going well so far. Hubby on it too has...

jodyl's picture
jodyl in Thunder bay, Ontario

Started ideal protein January 8th, 2013 and have lost 63 lbs to date.
starting phase 2

Skvlach's picture
Skvlach in Nebraska

Started ideal Protein in September of 2014 and lost 37 pounds, took a month off on maintenance during vacation, now back on phase one to...

cindylieu's picture
cindylieu in Idaho

Started Ideal Protein in May 2012 and have lost 93.4 pounds, and I want to lose 20 more.

pcascio's picture
pcascio in Metairie, LA

started Ideal Protein in April 2012 and lost 65 pounds by Sept 30, 2012. Needless to say I am back on the diet to lose around 25 pounds...

raeiben's picture
raeiben in Austin Tx

Started Ideal Protein in 2009. Love the program. It has changed my life. I will never go back to where I was before Ideal Protein.

Tamara's picture
Tamara in Port Moody

Started ideal protein for a change of lifestyle and a fresh start.'s picture
annie.fontaine1... in Ontario

Started Ideal Protein diet through the gym. It has been a month and I am down 17 lbs! I have another 13 to go! Started getting creative...

khansen322's picture
khansen322 in San Marcos

Started Ideal Protein diet 2/15.

mervin hauck's picture
mervin hauck in antigonish, ns

started Ideal protein diet 2 weeks ago and looking for cooking receipes

Onemorningdew's picture
Onemorningdew in Cape Cod, Ma

Started ideal protein diet

Tiger0607's picture
Tiger0607 in Secfner, fl

Started ideal protein diet

alanamarie's picture
alanamarie in ct

Started Ideal Protein almost a month ago!

brecas's picture
brecas in Fredericton

Started Ideal Protein about four weeks ago, doing well but getting a little bored...need new recipes.

Gina414's picture
Gina414 in Dartmouth, MA

Started Ideal protein 9/24/12. Lost 40lbs. Slacked off a little, but I'm back on it now, I have about 20-25lbs left to lose!

klallen's picture
klallen in Barnegat, NJ

Started Ideal Protein 6 weeks ago. Only down 15 pounds but lots of inches and I feel great. I would recommend this diet to anyone who...

janice scott's picture
janice scott in Connecticut

started ideal protein 6 weeks ago, looking for different recipes

Joconnor119's picture
Joconnor119 in Old Saybrook, CT

Started Ideal Protein 5 weeks ago. Not a cook so need help with recipes!

julie's picture
julie in Ontario

Started Ideal Protein 5 months ago, have lost 61 lbs. Still a long way to go but confident I can do it this time. Have tried many other...

Vicki77's picture
Vicki77 in newfoundland Canada

started ideal protein 3weeks ago and love it

Shannon Davies's picture
Shannon Davies in saskatchewan

Started Ideal Protein 3 weeks ago, have lost 13.5 pounds

jvanbeek's picture
jvanbeek in Leduc, Alberta

Started Ideal Protein 3 weeks - going great!

raypush562's picture
raypush562 in Clarion,PA

Started Ideal Protein 14 weeks ago - lost 45# - halfway to my goal of 90#

polizzi86's picture
polizzi86 in NJ

Started ideal 3 years ago, lost 120 pounds.. gained a lot back when I stopped following it.. Now I am back on and going strong.

Brandyvick's picture
Brandyvick in Destrehan

Started ideal 2 weeks ago...trying to lose 30lbs

Dvillarreal10's picture
Dvillarreal10 in New Braunfels, tx

Started Ideal Protein a week ago......want to loose 15lbs.
Lost 4 lbs the first week

Amy's picture
Amy in Bathurst, NB

Started I P five wks ago. So far so good. I still have a long way to go, but i WILL get there. The meals are good and variable. With...

Monica Martin's picture
Monica Martin in Calgary

Started diet two weeks ago.

Osheater's picture
Osheater in Carnation

Started diet 6 days ago. I have lost 6 lbs so far. I am looking for some tasty recipe ideas and this site seems like a great place to...

Cowpatti's picture
Cowpatti in Saskatchewan

Started diet 20 days ago and 11 lbs. down. The videos are extremely important to the success of this diet

frushourgirl's picture
frushourgirl in USA

Started at the end of March; lost 56 pounds so far- love my body and what it has helped me achieve

dixiechick's picture
dixiechick in ottawa

Started at 207! Down 30 in three months, and still going!

Sunnimaria's picture
Sunnimaria in Louisiana

Started at 169, ,my goal 130

Rgwaltney's picture
Rgwaltney in Cedar Park, Texas

Started about 2 weeks ago and feeling good.

skeene02's picture
skeene02 in Rhode Island

started a new adventure to lose weight.

Turbett's picture
Turbett in Lake Country BC

Started @ 315 down to 265 and still dropping!

DafoeD's picture
DafoeD in Ontario, Canada

Started @ 239 lbs! after 3 months I have lost 36 lbs! down a full pant size and almost the next size down! Thrilled with the loss -...

Sk girl's picture
Sk girl in Alberta

Started 5 months ago and have lost 60 lbs

cjmwin's picture
cjmwin in MS

Started 4th week....

paulah's picture
paulah in Medicine Hat AB

Started 3 weeks ago and down 15 lbs so far. Really enjoying the variety and online support. So glad I found thsi site with so many...

Highlawn's picture
Highlawn in Vernon

Started 2 days ago. Am feeling very positive, Going well, but need more variation.

lynbro's picture
lynbro in Medicine Hat, AB

Stared IP this week

florida's picture
florida in Calgary

spouse of someone on this program

klanghor's picture
klanghor in Carstairs

Sorry I'm a private person and my weight loss is personal

KayMay's picture
KayMay in Wisconsin

Soon to be starting my journey. getting my recipes ready

kareneastman's picture
kareneastman in Duncan BC

So tired of waking up every morning and going to bed everynight wishing I could loose some weight. Finally decided I needed the help...

louest's picture
louest in Saskatchewan

So far so good.

audreylee2359's picture
audreylee2359 in North Hills Pittsburgh

So far I have lost 80 pounds. Tried other diets and I came to a hault with all of them and could not lose more than 25-30 lbs. This...

vg's picture
vg in Valley, NS

So far 57 gone

molly42's picture
molly42 in abbotsford

slowly gaining weight over the years raising my kids. Busy lifestyle led to poor eating habits. Been on ideal protein 3 weeks and...

SoozyQ's picture
SoozyQ in Prairieville

Skinny tastes better than any snack I used to eat!

Rongerlitz's picture
Rongerlitz in Calgary


kcmoore's picture
kcmoore in Alberta

Single mother of 4. Trying to be healthier.

bjfrey89's picture
bjfrey89 in colorado

Single mother need to lose weight

kwats911's picture
kwats911 in Ontario, Canada

Since menopause have slowly put on weight. Never been on a diet in 58 years and this one is great. I like that I transition right into...

chatty cathy's picture
chatty cathy in Woodstock

Since I quit smoking at 40years old now 57 the weight has been adding up Had the lapband surgery in December of 2013 lost 20 pounds and...

Sam068223's picture
Sam068223 in Niagara on the Lake

Since I began menopause I have gained 25 pounds in 2 years. I eat healthy and exercise 3 times a week with no change. I hope this is...

lauriefineday's picture
lauriefineday in lloydminster

Since having my kids I have struggled with weight, I have many clients and friends who have had success on this diet

BEV's picture
BEV in Okotoks

Since going into Menopause I have gained 35 lbs and can't seem to lose it.

Donna's picture
Donna in Yukon

Simply need to lose weight.

maythepoundsbegone's picture
maythepoundsbegone in Seattle

Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired I started IP on 3/1/14 I have lost 10 lbs so far, going for 50 more. I have a full time job and...

jonesaggies's picture
jonesaggies in Keller, Texas

Sick and tired of being sick and tired

BornagIn2002's picture
BornagIn2002 in Pei

Share later

bcarraway's picture
bcarraway in Brandon MS


macdonald4's picture
macdonald4 in ontario


SheilaMM's picture
SheilaMM in Alberta

Senior country gal who has gradually put on weight over the years- just starting the IP Diet

Holmtanya's picture
Holmtanya in Cranbrook

See good results in other people would love to try this

dnt4get2luvme's picture
dnt4get2luvme in Seattle

Second week of Ideal Protein and running out of ideas

Tammy's picture
Tammy in Nebraska

SecOnd time on ip. Great diet. Need variety. Looking forward to seeing your awesome variety of recipes!!

ebertsons04's picture
ebertsons04 in ND

Second time on Ideal Protein.

VickiKH's picture
VickiKH in sioux falls, sd

Second go at Ideal. Lost 30 pounds the first time. Gained 10 back and am working on that.

Leslie Crathorne's picture
Leslie Crathorne in Canada

Searching for new recipes

janelleemerkel's picture
janelleemerkel in aberdeen, South Dakota

Saw other Success

ANEWSBT55's picture
ANEWSBT55 in Westwego LA

Saw an advertisement for Idea Protein and decided to give it a try. I have been on Ideal Protein since March 2013 and have lost 18 lbs...

vcasavant's picture
vcasavant in Canada

Same old story...

royalroadent's picture
royalroadent in N.B

Same old story


Same as most. Hopefully this will be the program that finally works for me

naevans's picture
naevans in Greenwood NS

Same as everyone else's.....just want to lose weight

MamKa's picture
MamKa in Gatineau

rien pour l'instant

Skittlescda's picture
Skittlescda in Ontario Canada

Returning to IP looking for recipes!

kubenka75's picture
kubenka75 in Kerrville, TX

Retired after 35 years of public school, rehired working as a business manager for 2 non-profits.

Kimberly Murphy's picture
Kimberly Murphy in Hyannis, MA

Restarting phase 1 today!

Marg8's picture
Marg8 in CT

Restarting IP this month.

doober's picture
doober in new york

Restarting Ideal protein diet, need to get serious this year!

eilwechter's picture
eilwechter in NJ

recommended bya friend and it worked

KyraAnn's picture
KyraAnn in Sylvan Lake

Recipes for my husband incredible weight loss!

Jbrunet1's picture
Jbrunet1 in New Orleans, LA

Recently started the diet 3 weeks ago in attempts to lose weight before my June wedding. So far 12 lbs down and counting......

kargam's picture
kargam in Illinois

Recently started diet after recuperating from back surgery. Have lost 22lbs in six weeks.

Sally H's picture
Sally H in Toronto Canada

Recently lost 50 lbs, trying to keep it off now!!

CCranston's picture
CCranston in Airdrie

Recently joined Ideal Weight Loss in Airdrie. Am an overwieght foodie - always looking for ways to make my diet interesting so I'm not...

Cheri's picture
Cheri in Umatilla, oregon

Recently dx with type 2 diabetes. Hoping to loose weight to get numbers back into normal range. Like to manage condition with diet...

karrindell's picture
karrindell in Fort Washington, MD

Reboot need to lose 120lbs

Fshereford's picture
Fshereford in Iowa

Really trying to loose weight.

D.Flinn's picture
D.Flinn in nova scotia

Really needed to try something new. I heard this program works.

jobro68's picture
jobro68 in grand barachois, nb

really need to lose weight I am sick of feeling sick all the time.

Sound Weight Loss's picture
Sound Weight Loss in Old Saybrook, CT

Really like the program

Laurel's picture
Laurel in Regina, Saskatchewan

Really enjoy Ideal Protein..............just looking for a few new ideas

gladus's picture
gladus in boyle

Really Enjoy encorporating the packets into my meals

jestorge's picture
jestorge in MS

Ready to lose weight

andie0918's picture
andie0918 in Baton Rouge

Ready to lose this weight!!! Can't wait to find new recipe ideas!

Susan Ricci's picture
Susan Ricci in 34491

ready to loose the weight

ktstrascina's picture
ktstrascina in Denver,Co

Ready to change my life once and for all!!

jmceachern's picture
jmceachern in Lloydminster

Ready to be healthy!

darby1959's picture
darby1959 in Grand Cayman

Rather not right now

tjbenoit's picture
tjbenoit in Canada

Quit smoking and getting fat.

shirlgirl1's picture
shirlgirl1 in napanee

quit smoking and gained 30 lbs .. now need to get that off.

Raylene's picture
Raylene in AlbertA

Quit smoking 3 years ago now time to lose 30 pounds

Mfrace's picture
Mfrace in Las Vegas


ejenswold's picture
ejenswold in Texas

QCRI am a pescatarian that tends to veer towards the carby, cheesy side of being a vegetarian. Need to get healthy!

sharonlynn's picture
sharonlynn in sarasota Fl


sfbronson's picture
sfbronson in Connecticut

Providing diet support for spouse and self.

LORILEE's picture
LORILEE in Virden


Lizzieb's picture
Lizzieb in Kansas

Pretty new to this so hoping to learn from others.

Christy Weimer's picture
Christy Weimer in Chicago

Prefer not to share

LindaMarie's picture
LindaMarie in MA

prefer my privacy

DamaraB's picture
DamaraB in Saskatchewan, Canada

Post pregnancy body just isn't cutting it....

VO_12's picture
VO_12 in Brantford

Post pregnancy

HJW's picture
HJW in Chicago

planning to start diet with my 2 young adult children and need recipes for variety

Franci's picture
Franci in MA

plan is wonderful with quick results, however after a few months new recipes will help you stay motivated's picture in Wisconsin

Phase one, 9/2014

jeannekindrat's picture
jeannekindrat in kamloops

phase 4

Jessica9100's picture
Jessica9100 in Yukon

Phase 1 started Feb 13th/14. Down 54lbs so far. It was hard to get started at first but now it's second nature.

Kaliroi7193's picture
Kaliroi7193 in Chicago, il

Phase 1 since July 2013

imaggie's picture
imaggie in Kentville NS

Phase 1 Ideal Protein, Kentville clint

darcher's picture
darcher in ct

phase 1 - again :)

justineb4's picture
justineb4 in Seattle

phase 1 (ending) that's my story.

Patsyas's picture
Patsyas in Florida

Phase 1

sethcourtevan's picture
sethcourtevan in Burlington


lvlyldy's picture
lvlyldy in Ontario, Canada

Perpetually over weight and continually dieting.

Diane Wiebe's picture
Diane Wiebe in #3 1890 Ambrosi Rd Kelowna BC

People were begging to know how I did it. 85 pounds off in 5 months of dieting. I had always eaten healthy and people knew I would not...

BJohnson's picture
BJohnson in Grand Bay/Westfield,N.B.


hmfishy's picture
hmfishy in Saskatchewan

Overweight my whole life, lost weight before University. Felt great. Gained it back and more as three beautiful children blessed my life...

Dar's picture
Dar in Victoria bc Canada

Overweight most of my life, need it off fast so giving it a try

heatherskis109's picture
heatherskis109 in Medicine Hat

Overweight mom of 2, step mom of 2. Recent college graduate.

tom barrie's picture
tom barrie in Oromocto

Overweight and want to loose it

sshem's picture
sshem in Whapmagoostui


jgallag's picture
jgallag in huntsville


gramma's picture
gramma in calgary


del818's picture
del818 in Texas

Over weight....sleep apnea.....

Dianna's picture
Dianna in Canada

Over weight most of my life looking for a new diet and weight loss program that works and helps you to keep the weight off.

Planned305's picture
Planned305 in San Jacinto

Over weight for most my life up down roller coaster want a food life style change I can enjoy to share with the world and this has...

lkeizer's picture
lkeizer in Coldbrook, Nova Scotia

Over the past 3 years, I put on more than 30 lbs and have been having a very hard time getting it to come off. Ideal protein has helped...

Marny's picture
Marny in Edmonton

Over 60 and have age old gravity and mid-section issues

klubetich's picture
klubetich in Washington state

Over 50 female, never huge weight swings, but had gotten higher despite counting calories and exercising.Had friends who had success...

smisener's picture
smisener in Charlottetown , PEI

Over 15 years have put on 22lbs and just not liking the way I look and the way clothes feel.

leahhoward's picture
leahhoward in texas

Only three days on the program. Desperate for help. Seems to be working. Hoping for rewarding weight loss in four days.

ajost's picture
ajost in Wisconsin

Only on Ideal Protein for 3 weeks, but doing well!

Vfd1's picture
Vfd1 in Denver, CO

Only 8 pounds to go to a 75 pound loss

LisaPfeifer's picture
LisaPfeifer in Saskatoon

One week into the program and things are going good. Always looking for different recipes to change things up so we don't get bored with...

Daisy's picture
Daisy in Oliver BC

One more try at loosing weight.

mom123's picture
mom123 in Massachusetts

One month into ideal protein loss program

Cinderella3883's picture
Cinderella3883 in Morden

One day...

Jovie345's picture
Jovie345 in Cayman Islands

one day at a time. Just started.

wackwabbit's picture
wackwabbit in Fort McMurray AB

one day at a time , do it for yourself

bittersweet5's picture
bittersweet5 in Chilliwack

On week 7 of IP looking for some recipes

jenhughes's picture
jenhughes in Regina, SK, Canada

On week 3 of Ideal Protein and am needing new recipes!

Janice Yates's picture
Janice Yates in Florence, AZ

on week 3 of diet. I am thrilled. I am 68 yrs old and finally learning to cook and eat healthy. Love the program

Sunnyday54's picture
Sunnyday54 in BC

On week 3 - lost 8.6 pounds!

walser's picture
walser in Nova scotia canada

On this diet since January and one one the easiest diet I have been on. Lost 38 pounds so far

shawnaboisclair's picture
shawnaboisclair in Calgary

On the program. Currently in phase 1.

Murff's picture
Murff in Fort McMurray Back on Track with Barb

On the program - love it

hilaryvolz's picture
hilaryvolz in sioux falls, sd

on the ideal protein wagon....hoping it works:)

Weslyn James's picture
Weslyn James in Darlington, WI

On the ideal Protein plan

honeydoc's picture
honeydoc in Independence

on the diet now couldnt be happier with the results

lharr7777's picture
lharr7777 in CT


KatieJ's picture
KatieJ in Churchville NY

on phase one and loving Ideal Protien!! Down 20 pounds in 6 weeks.

ksdecker's picture
ksdecker in iowa

On phase 2. Have lost 50 lbs to date!

suzyquzy's picture
suzyquzy in chicago

on phase 2 now- lost 17 lbs

juliaobrien1970's picture
juliaobrien1970 in Boston

On Phase 1.

mrssgts09's picture
mrssgts09 in Southern Pines, NC

On Phase 1 of the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol

bear1965's picture
bear1965 in IDAHOFALLS idaho

On phase 1 lost11lb in my first week feel great

Mamajo's picture
Mamajo in New Brunswick

On my way....

Neat's picture
Neat in Tampa, Fl

On my way to a healthier me.

Judyt's picture
Judyt in Goderich

on my way to 100

SANLEE43's picture


mitcher13's picture
mitcher13 in Austin TX

On my journey, half way there

terneu.64's picture
terneu.64 in Swift Current, Sk, Canada

On my 3rd week.

lindsey's picture
lindsey in Toronto

On my 2nd round with ideal protein. My first round got me within 4 lbs of my target weight. Then me father got very sick, hospitalized...'s picture in Las Vegas

On mission to lose weight

jdskelly's picture
jdskelly in CT

On IP, hope it's a success!

Madbrink's picture
Madbrink in Nola

On IP to rid myself of fat

Vachinyc's picture
Vachinyc in Washington DC

On IP since mid-August 2013

Hazmat732's picture
Hazmat732 in Rhode Island

On IP program for awhile looking for new dinner suggestions

Jenny1810's picture
Jenny1810 in Mount Uniacke, NS

On IP for two weeks and having great success. Looking for recipes to help me.

jconrod2012's picture
jconrod2012 in Halifax NS

On IP for two months,running out of things to make

Anne G's picture
Anne G in Boston MA

On IP for a month. Love cooking and discovering new recipes.

nsophia's picture
nsophia in Vermont

On IP for 8 weeks now. Going strong and down 18 lb..

Wilcoxje's picture
Wilcoxje in Indianapolis, Indiana

On IP for 7 weeks, have lost 25 lbs so far!

barb.sorensen's picture
barb.sorensen in A Wilmington il

On IP for 4 weeks. Lost 9 lbs

JohnnieM's picture
JohnnieM in Austin Texas

On IP for 15 weeks now, down 54lb and counting

lchristy's picture
lchristy in Jackson, MS

On IP diet, beginning week 6 and looking for new recipes

Sue D.'s picture
Sue D. in Calgary, AB

On IP diet for last 2 weeks. Very easy to follow and tasty options.

annaDBW's picture
annaDBW in Helotes, TX

On IP 3weeks - lost 10 lbs.

melissabur's picture
melissabur in Calgary

On Ideal Protien and just trying to get some new ideas for meals.

britgal's picture
britgal in Toronto

On ideal protein, phase 1, looking for ideas to make food choices more exciting.

Trishglenn's picture
Trishglenn in Hanson ma USA

On ideal protein trying my best!!!

mekaul's picture
mekaul in oregon

on ideal protein phase 1

birgitanne's picture
birgitanne in Arlington VA

ON Ideal Protein for almost 3 months, lost nearly 30 pounds!

blackberry54's picture
blackberry54 in baton rouge la

on ideal protein diet, try to lose 50lb.

Karendelia's picture
Karendelia in NH

On Ideal Protein diet, lost 85 pounds so far.

Ebaezado's picture
Ebaezado in Austin

On ideal protein diet for 3 weeks now

Annandy's picture
Annandy in Montreal

On ideal protein diet and would like new ideas

MHowell's picture
MHowell in St. John's, NL

On Ideal Protein diet & looking for recipes to make meals a little more exciting!

miketons's picture
miketons in iowa

On Ideal Protein ;ost 60 pounds

Slapointe's picture
Slapointe in Dedham

On ideal 21 lbs so far.

Mjkalat's picture
Mjkalat in Ct

On diet for 2 weeks

Riss5393's picture
Riss5393 in New Jersey

On diet

traceyf's picture
traceyf in Regina, SK

On day one of Phase 1... wish me luck!

NonPerdeVentura's picture
NonPerdeVentura in Fairfax, VA

on day 5 so far...

jakee's picture
jakee in massachusetts/usa

on a mission to lose 50 pounds. down 26, half way home...

mnilson's picture
mnilson in Minnesota

On a mission to get rid of the last 15

amaddy's picture
amaddy in Charleston, WV

On a journey to live a healthy life

twells's picture
twells in winnipeg

On a journey to becoming healthy for myself and my family.

Sharpernsmarter's picture
Sharpernsmarter in Canada

On a IP diet

chant_delorme's picture
chant_delorme in brossard, quebec

on a diet!

Kdpietig's picture
Kdpietig in USA

On a diet

Astepien's picture
Astepien in Canada

On a diet

Splat49's picture
Splat49 in Canada


Mcaldwell's picture
Mcaldwell in Washington


Tammy_ Golphy's picture
Tammy_ Golphy in Thunder Bay Ontario Canada


donporter78's picture
donporter78 in Northern VA

Numerous sports injuries preclude working out. Need to lose 20 pounds to get back to fighting weight. 12 lbs so far

Deina's picture
Deina in Kelona


Darcysmith's picture
Darcysmith in Brandon mb

Nothing to tell, just trying to lose weight. Love ideal protein products.

Meme's picture
Meme in Halifax

Nothing to tell yet

sarazco's picture
sarazco in Thunder Bay ON

nothing to tell's picture
gail.serota@gma... in Miami, Florida

Nothing to tell

jomiji's picture
jomiji in California

nothing to tell

gailani's picture
gailani in MN

Nothing to say.

sheilario's picture
sheilario in British Columbia

nothing to report, just here for the recipes

sarahem's picture
sarahem in sudbury

nothing to report

Pman67's picture
Pman67 in Dallas Tx

Nothing much to tell.

Kirksabine's picture
Kirksabine in Nanaimo,British Columbia

Nothing much to tell, just trying to get healthy.

countrycottagekelowna's picture
countrycottagek... in kelowna b.c.

nothing much to say

Grandmother1212902's picture
Grandmother1212902 in Yarmouth, NS

Nothing at this time!

Jumpwngs5's picture
Jumpwngs5 in el paso


Meg12550's picture
Meg12550 in New york

Not ready to write my story. Just looking for recipes

ashellofmyself's picture
ashellofmyself in Canada

Not now.

Gloria Jackson's picture
Gloria Jackson in Iowa

not now

Maryshafie's picture
Maryshafie in Austin

Not now

smithout's picture
smithout in smithout

Not much to tell. Just starting and looking for some ideas to keep me motivated.

Sarahlou13's picture
Sarahlou13 in Saskatchewan

Not much to tell, just want to stay healthy and keep the middle section down as there is severe diabetes in my familly.

met's picture
met in new bedford ma use

not much to tell

fuzzy's picture
fuzzy in maine

not much to tell

KWells's picture
KWells in Regina

Not much to share. Too shy.

RachelNC's picture
RachelNC in Halifax , Nova Scotia

Not much to say. I am here for the recipes.

wildshaggyblue's picture
wildshaggyblue in Alberta

Not much to say right now !!!

Cdickinson's picture
Cdickinson in Abbotsford bc

Not much

Latler's picture
Latler in Regina, SK

Not much

sueswan's picture
sueswan in town

not long

gisele's picture
gisele in walkerton

not interested in profiling

peace4674's picture
peace4674 in 38 meadow lane

Not happy I am overweight depressed and tired of being tired

kheddle's picture
kheddle in Castlegar

Not enough to tell right now.

ddmaximum1's picture
ddmaximum1 in Edmonton

Not at this time

Lise's picture
Lise in Sudbury

None yet

Cuddles's picture
Cuddles in NS

None yet

Florence's picture
Florence in Barrhead

None of your business

Jane3644's picture
Jane3644 in Regina Sask


JELAMB12's picture
JELAMB12 in louisiana


Rozy's picture
Rozy in Calgary


Mymi2411's picture
Mymi2411 in Richland, WA


kgeorge's picture
kgeorge in Ma


sstrzele's picture
sstrzele in Calgary


katiemoore88's picture
katiemoore88 in houston


lexiebetty's picture
lexiebetty in nova scotia

none's picture
shanelara72@yah... in Louisiana


Barbjo's picture
Barbjo in Canada


Crnfort's picture
Crnfort in Home


Lforbes's picture
Lforbes in North dakota


RaeRae's picture
RaeRae in BC


mickeylee's picture
mickeylee in wyoming


mfhawthorn's picture
mfhawthorn in Texas


asnoddy's picture
asnoddy in texas


Mary Rhiner's picture
Mary Rhiner in Cedar Rapids Iowa


Papunsie's picture
Papunsie in Ontario, Canada

No, thanks.

Mambi's picture
Mambi in Ontario

no thanks.

Debbie Pankey's picture
Debbie Pankey in Houston TX

No thanks!

Queenjb's picture
Queenjb in Massachusetts

No thanks's picture
awaresafetycons... in Campbell River

No Thanks

Dee Dee's picture
Dee Dee in Regina

No thanks

louise dumont's picture
louise dumont in coquitlam

no thanks

Brenda MacIsaac's picture
Brenda MacIsaac in Bedford

No thanks

deawic's picture
deawic in canada

No thanks

Genny's picture
Genny in Ontario

No thank you

Pike's picture
Pike in Vermont

No story...just want to loose the extra pounds get healthier, but most importantly to learn importance nutrition facts...what's good...

blacroix's picture
blacroix in vermont

no story. Thanks

Ptiwana's picture
Ptiwana in YYC

No story.

April100's picture
April100 in MD

No story.

tlmagee's picture
tlmagee in BC

No story, just want to drop a few christmas pounds quickly.

helenm's picture
helenm in Baltimore

No story, just like to see recipes and meal ideas's picture
kerri.hospes@gm... in Calgary, AB

No story yet!

LeslieG's picture
LeslieG in Shawnigan Lake

No story to tell's picture
Ann.cormier@gma... in London, ON

No story right now

Aquinna's picture
Aquinna in Lake Country

No Story Provided

michelleshannon's picture
michelleshannon in Ottawa

no story just want to lose about of weight

Leeka1's picture
Leeka1 in Canada

No story just looking for recipes to feed a friend. :-)

osaget's picture
osaget in Canada

No story at this time...update later.

Josephine's picture
Josephine in North West Territories

No story and please don't publish my name

GrauntieCole's picture
GrauntieCole in Saskatoon, SK

No story (yet) as this is day one for me. I'm super excited to get this underway. I have 2 friends who have collectively lost 175 lbs....

mary's picture
mary in kenora

no story

miranda123's picture
miranda123 in ottawa

no story

Ladybuggs65's picture
Ladybuggs65 in AUSTIN TEXAS


angie.beisel's picture
angie.beisel in Newton, Ks

no story

Brendabreeze's picture
Brendabreeze in Union bay

No story

rroy6673's picture
rroy6673 in Middleboro

No story

Donna P Cohen's picture
Donna P Cohen in Falmouth, Mass.

no story

Adaloisio's picture
Adaloisio in Bridgewater Nova Scotia

No story

CarolGolf's picture
CarolGolf in Oregon

No story

primeau's picture
primeau in Redcliff, alberta

no real story, just wanted to lose a little weight without killing myself at the gym!!

Denise DeLong's picture
Denise DeLong in halifax

No real story yet but excited about trying Ideal Protein

DeniseB's picture
DeniseB in Nova Scotia

No other diets worked for me. Now 19.5 lbs off in 6 weeks :)

rmcbride77's picture
rmcbride77 in Hartford NB

No comment

Wilma's picture
Wilma in Saskatoon

no comment

cjeane's picture
cjeane in Texas

No comment

Mmperron's picture
Mmperron in Alberta


Kbabs82's picture
Kbabs82 in MS


Spresh's picture
Spresh in Canada


Penny Lane's picture
Penny Lane in Halifax


Newlife's picture
Newlife in Washington

Newly retired and needing a program I can work with.

Ann Ring's picture
Ann Ring in Cape Cod

Newbie. Looking for recipes Phase 1.

mk37's picture
mk37 in Calgary


dblunt's picture
dblunt in Rocky Mountains

Newbie to IP diet. Lost 33 lbs in 6 weeks.

Lauranflint's picture
Lauranflint in Fl

Newbie on Ideal Protein

freedom's picture
freedom in cochrane


Susanmamab's picture
Susanmamab in Moosejaw sask


gmkauk's picture
gmkauk in texas


Sherri benkelman's picture
Sherri benkelman in St. Louis

New year.... New me!!!!

glanasa's picture
glanasa in Baton rouge

New year 2015...need to loose 20 pounds! Begin ideal protein diet 1/6/15

aggiegirl1997's picture
aggiegirl1997 in Texas

New wife, loving mom...trying to get healthy!

vscott14619's picture
vscott14619 in New York

New to weight loss. I have been on ideal protein for 10 weeks and have lost 22 pounds 25.5 inches

Patti Sergey's picture
Patti Sergey in Tinley Park

New to this diet. Looking forward to trying different recipes.

cnegi's picture
cnegi in California

New to this diet but love it so far!

alan's picture
alan in maryland

new to this diet but lost 15 pounds in tow weeks and still going strong.

aj's picture
aj in Calgary

New to the world of dieting and would like a variety of foods to try so as not to be bored with the dietary restrictions. Hopefully it...

jbentley's picture
jbentley in Calgary, AB

New to the program, enjoying the results and the change of attitude towards food.

hpounds's picture
hpounds in Jax, FL

New to the ideal protein diet. Trying it with a friend who has done it in the past. Turning 40 has been rough!!

vsanmig's picture
vsanmig in Oregon

New to program.

Mtheulen's picture
Mtheulen in Phoenix

New to program

YZ's picture
YZ in Canada

new to IP...I am a foodie ...I *really* need to make the meals interesting, especially lunch, because the packets just don't do it for...

kay22rn's picture
kay22rn in Wisconsin

New to IP. Looking for some great recipes!

wmullins's picture
wmullins in USA

New to IP program.

CookingItUp's picture
CookingItUp in Canada

New to IP program and really looking for creative ideas that can take me through all phases of the program - and beyond.

mpantle's picture
mpantle in Wyoming

New to IP Diet. Love the recipes!

flizz's picture
flizz in OH

New to IP - looking for recipes.

eyesofblue_32's picture
eyesofblue_32 in Saskatchewan

New to IP

sheenachangela's picture
sheenachangela in North America

New to IP

vargie77's picture
vargie77 in ri

new to ip

huddlesk's picture
huddlesk in IL

New to IP

bmuise's picture
bmuise in new england

New to ip

krischouinard's picture
krischouinard in florida

new to IP

Emt562's picture
Emt562 in Massachusetts

New to Ip

Hollywood007's picture
Hollywood007 in Iowa

New to IP

ChrissieMcCutchen's picture
ChrissieMcCutchen in Texas

New to Ideal way of life!

Ghawken's picture
Ghawken in Dresden, Ontario

New to ideal protein.... Looking for new recipes to try

kristin.c's picture
kristin.c in bellingham

New to ideal protein. In phase one... trying to keep from getting bored!

fabsandy's picture
fabsandy in CT

New to Ideal Protein. Looking for recipes

tj.eek's picture
tj.eek in BC

New to Ideal Protein.

gerimarc's picture
gerimarc in New nersey

New to ideal protein.

sljung14's picture
sljung14 in Baltimore

New to Ideal Protein, looking for recipes.

b2389's picture
b2389 in Newfoundland

new to ideal protein this is my first day

Doosz77's picture
Doosz77 in Pound, VA

New to Ideal Protein diet. Having problems with variety.

idealnutrition007's picture
idealnutrition007 in United States

New to Ideal Protein Diet 03.19.2015

elorac55's picture
elorac55 in halifax ns

new to ideal protein and tried other programs with limited success, so far this is amazing

RMA's picture
RMA in Canada

New to Ideal Protein and looking for recipes

Jenny59's picture
Jenny59 in LA

new to ideal protein and looking for recipes

kat1978's picture
kat1978 in Chatham

New to Ideal Protein - looking for new recipes to help with this journey!

Tlanners's picture
Tlanners in Alexandria

New to ideal protein

asmsgraham's picture
asmsgraham in rapid city

new to ideal protein

Nighcole's picture
Nighcole in San Francisco

New to ideal protein

Nellahuff's picture
Nellahuff in Louisiana

New to ideal protein

robersonfam07's picture
robersonfam07 in Florida

New to ideal Protein's picture
scrapfan1919@gm... in CA

New to ideal protein

momof3boys's picture
momof3boys in ottawa

new to here

sharonlongmire's picture
sharonlongmire in Nova Scotia

New to all this

Ginagoz's picture
Ginagoz in New Jersey

New tip ideal protein and very excited about new recipes

Lroe's picture
Lroe in Mass

New ti Ideal Protein weight loss

lvanhoven's picture
lvanhoven in Massachusetts

New member on Ideal Protein diet

Lisac70's picture
Lisac70 in Fredericton

New member looking for yummy recipes.

Marie Wilson's picture
Marie Wilson in New Brunswick

New Member

oneofthreerunning's picture
oneofthreerunning in Chicago

New Ideal Protein dieter

Emily.rae's picture
Emily.rae in Nanaimo

New grad looking to lose my college weight

jordan.halvorson's picture
jordan.halvorson in MN

New dieter

nlulester's picture
nlulester in Baton Rouge, LA

New comer to IP and need some recipe ideas!

Dorinda's picture
Dorinda in NL

New Client ! A Nurse by profession- love my job and wanted a healthier lifestyle !!

carolynDmorning's picture
carolynDmorning in Virginia

New at using ideal protein diet, excited about all the new recepies. Been in the obesity category and it was time to make a change....

aly8jd4's picture
aly8jd4 in zachary


Ollie's picture
Ollie in Oregon


Lisa Crawford's picture
Lisa Crawford in Austin


vtray1970's picture
vtray1970 in Saint John

Never really had to worry about weight until recently, I have found as I get older the weight goes on and doesn't come off.. Just...

MApperson's picture
MApperson in Culpeper VA

Never had to worry about weight or food until I hit middle age. Could not lose weight & after struggling joined I.P. While I don't...

NAJO's picture
NAJO in Hammond

Needing to lose wait and think this is the only way.

carla nichol's picture
carla nichol in Alberta, Canada

Needing to lose 40 lbs gained due to pregnancy

Lynn Lambert's picture
Lynn Lambert in Calgary

Needing a program that burns the fat and not muscle.

Terry Koziol's picture
Terry Koziol in Calgary

Needed to lose weight joined Ideal Protein doing well

Atsersion's picture
Atsersion in PA

Needed to lose some weight and a few of my friends have used this program, so I finally decided to try it. I've been on the plan now...

cherigf's picture
cherigf in pittsburgh pa

needed to lose extra weight from menopause...still some pounds to lose but very excited...lost over 33 pounds so far!

corym21's picture
corym21 in Sturgeon Falls

needed to lose about 40 lbs. so far after 2 months I am down 33

mnolan's picture
mnolan in southern alberta

Needed to get healthy :)

janecummings's picture
janecummings in Canada

Needed to become healthy, so here we go!!!

jba's picture
jba in Calgary

Needed something that worked...been very successful so far but these last 10 pounds arehard.

Verna's picture
Verna in Salmon Arm

Needed a change in my life to get healthy. Love Ideal Protein.

courtney.wendelborg's picture
courtney.wendelborg in Prince Albert

Needed a change

Misti1215's picture
Misti1215 in Louisiana

Need veggie recipes

Linfin's picture
Linfin in Illinois

Need to restart the program and am looking for recipes that will keep me healthy, motivated, and satisfied.

weby7802's picture
weby7802 in Illinois

Need to lose!!!

Hetty's picture
Hetty in mass

need to lose weights

Debbie51's picture
Debbie51 in Lake geneva

Need to lose weight. Friends say this is a doable diet.

Mike's picture
Mike in 78664

Need to lose weight.

smileygirl's picture
smileygirl in Nova Scotia

Need to lose weight, interested in recipes

Kerry's picture
Kerry in alberta

Need to lose weight to get blood pressure down and for overall better health.

the new girl's picture
the new girl in Florida

need to lose weight for health reasons

adrianae's picture
adrianae in edmonton

need to lose weight after having my children

lauriem55's picture
lauriem55 in British Columbia

Need to lose weight ... again!

duramatter's picture
duramatter in saint john

need to lose weight

joannamctreff's picture
joannamctreff in perth, ontario

need to lose weight

cmacintosh's picture
cmacintosh in N.S.

Need to lose weight

tanya kidd's picture
tanya kidd in bridgenorth

need to lose weight

Bea Gursky's picture
Bea Gursky in alberta

need to lose weight

Margize's picture
Margize in NYC

Need to lose weight

motrhome's picture
motrhome in Penticton

Need to lose weight

Badams8396's picture
Badams8396 in Broussard louisiana

Need to lose weight

Vlewerenz's picture
Vlewerenz in Iowa

Need to lose weight

Heliworld's picture
Heliworld in Vancouver Island

Need to lose weight

kcairns's picture
kcairns in Oakville

Need to lose weight

nmerziotis's picture
nmerziotis in gatineau

need to lose weight

suziemath's picture
suziemath in Stony Point, nY

need to lose weight

karent's picture
karent in new brunswick

Need to lose weight

haygal's picture
haygal in Canada

Need to lose the last couple pounds and this works

Baldwin.sanders's picture
Baldwin.sanders in New Orleans

Need to lose some pounds!

km's picture
km in New Jersey

Need to lose approximately 60 lbs on Ideal Protein Diet.
Lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks.

cindyathom's picture
cindyathom in TX

need to lose a LOT of weight!

cruisequilt's picture
cruisequilt in Whitehorse

need to lose a lot of weight and nothing I have tried works.

gmacrae's picture
gmacrae in Port Hastings

Need to lose 40 lbs and with Ideal protein I am down it

Sandra Chartrand's picture
Sandra Chartrand in Ottawa

Need to lose 30 lbs -

jamsauer's picture
jamsauer in Sarona, WI

Need to lose 15 more pounds. Have been ideal protein for 3 months

lgusimat's picture
lgusimat in san jose

Need to lose 13 more lbs for a total of 60.'s picture in Spokane WA

Need to lose 100# lost 18 in 1st month with IP Need help hetting through the holidays.

janieaberegg's picture
janieaberegg in Carbon, Tx

need to loose weight and am excited to get started

CRISSB's picture
CRISSB in Auburn. WA

Need to loose weight

scarlson's picture
scarlson in Victoria bc

Need to loose weight

becketts411's picture
becketts411 in colorado

need to loose weight

bhenderson's picture
bhenderson in nova scotia

need to loose alot of weight. tryring to learn the low carb way.

Judyk720's picture
Judyk720 in Kittanning,pa

Need to loose 90lbs for health reasons starting program on Friday can't wait!

Nancy's picture
Nancy in Ottawa

Need to loose 60 lbs.

ackisle's picture
ackisle in Nantucket

Need to loose 50 pounds and have seen much success with this diet.

Asbrown's picture
Asbrown in Austin

Need to loose 15 more pounds for my knees.
Want to loose 30 more pounds on top of that for myself.
Have been on ideal...

Retired14's picture
Retired14 in Thompson

Need to loose 15 lbs so my clothes will fit again

lisashira's picture
lisashira in alaska

Need to loose 100 pounds to get a hip replacement. ..I was in a car accident last year.


need to loose 100 lb.

sheilabode's picture
sheilabode in Texas

Need to lode 30 pounds

Cyndi's picture
Cyndi in Athol

Need to get my self in check with my eating. Have found the older I get the harder it is to lose weight. Thought this would be a good...

kimlandry's picture
kimlandry in Louisiana

Need to get into shape for summer. Want to start eating healthier and exercising more.

Deb girl's picture
Deb girl in Mantua Nova Scotia

Need to get healthy.

BodieJo's picture
BodieJo in Arizona

Need to get healthy

abirston's picture
abirston in Thunder Bay, Ontario

Need to get back into shape.

brewsterbabe's picture
brewsterbabe in cape cod

need to eat healthier

CaroleIP's picture
CaroleIP in Alberta

Need to drop a few pounds after a summer gain

SB's picture
SB in Long Island, NY

Need some will power, and need my brain to get back into the zone!!

Donster1's picture
Donster1 in Iowa

Need recipes to cook for my wife's Ideal Protein plan. I do all the cooking.

turboplay's picture
turboplay in Bellingham, WA

Need more recipes

Hockeymom15's picture
Hockeymom15 in Canada

Need help have tried everything and nothing seems to work

Reichjulie's picture
Reichjulie in Mass

Need healthy recipes

tammy29's picture
tammy29 in moncton

need good recipe ideas's picture
missparker12386... in Washington

need encouragement and support

BarbaraJeanS's picture
BarbaraJeanS in British Columbia

Need different recipes to keep on trackB

Bossygrams's picture
Bossygrams in Winnipeg MB

Need a maintance diet.

pats's picture
pats in Belle Chasse

Need a change

mwenzinger's picture
mwenzinger in na


lchase's picture
lchase in sunnyside wa.


gz13's picture
gz13 in New York


kikiglitter's picture
kikiglitter in NA


Klponich's picture
Klponich in Bc


vcheaney's picture
vcheaney in toronto


jamortier's picture
jamortier in rochester ny


dre2112's picture
dre2112 in la


Jacqueline Leona's picture
Jacqueline Leona in Austin, TX


Joditenzer's picture
Joditenzer in nj


jessied76's picture
jessied76 in Wausau


Tskuare825's picture
Tskuare825 in sf,ca


corastar's picture
corastar in bermuda


Sophie1968's picture
Sophie1968 in Canada


Barb0186's picture
Barb0186 in Texas


Shomeniuk's picture
Shomeniuk in Mundare


Kristie's picture
Kristie in Saskatchewan


donutcop's picture
donutcop in Halifax


thcrawford's picture
thcrawford in Ruston, LA


tlrich's picture
tlrich in Saskatoon, SK Canada


hgclark's picture
hgclark in n/a


JennGlass's picture
JennGlass in Alberta


lfawn's picture
lfawn in olds


lauriebelle's picture
lauriebelle in Colorado


jessi maurin's picture
jessi maurin in Metairie, LA


jseigerman's picture
jseigerman in Frederick MD


Taigy's picture
Taigy in edmonton


Meganblaisdell's picture
Meganblaisdell in Houston


rumrunner's picture
rumrunner in Lamptonshores


lynaugello's picture
lynaugello in San Antonio, Tx

N thank you

Unomousey's picture
Unomousey in Abbotsford


Riotrebel's picture
Riotrebel in Nova Scotia

my wife is on the ideal protien diet but I do most of the cooking so here I am lol

lmarrette's picture
lmarrette in Baton Rouge, LA

My wife is on the diet and just put me on it as well. I'm looking for good recipes to vary our dinners. After two days on the diet, I'...

dcongdon's picture
dcongdon in Swift Current, SK

My wife and I have just finished week one of the protocol and looking for good recipes.

MoeSavoie's picture
MoeSavoie in New Brunswick, Canada

My wife and I have been following IP since Nov. 4 and are having great success. This is totally doable!

Jojobeauti's picture
Jojobeauti in Alberta

My weight was creeping up, and turning 50 didn't help. I feel so mixed up with all the types of eating plans these days. I do find that...

pmsx3's picture
pmsx3 in Strathmore

My weight is all consuming to me. I even dream about it. It's time to lose the weight. Go me.

Merry4's picture
Merry4 in Yarmouth Nova Scotia

My weight has stayed around the 247 mark. I feel defeated and just need to jump start myself and get the right mind set going in my head...

Gregofamily's picture
Gregofamily in Prairieville, la

My two teenage daughters are following the ideal protein diet. In one month they have lost 20 lbs. so happy for them.

sheilaisme's picture
sheilaisme in texas

My two daughters and I are just starting the plan and need some recipes!

kumattie gariba's picture
kumattie gariba in brampton ont

my third week on ideal protein and need some recipe

elia's picture
elia in Seattle

my story is very normal i have an issue with food, i am been on yo yo diets all my life and this one is another trying....

Kalpana1's picture
Kalpana1 in Calgary

My story is this- I am trying another way to lose weight and get healthy again. Sound familiar? : )

JulieW1's picture
JulieW1 in Barrie, ON

My story is the same as everyone, just trying to lose weight and live healthy :)

Carole's picture
Carole in Baltimore

My story is that I have started this journey to lose weight. I love what the program has to offer and the support that you receive from...

Heat her's picture
Heat her in Fredericton

My story is simple I'm looking for phrase 1 recipes, I need to lose 130 lbs.

Jinges's picture
Jinges in Fort St. John, BC

My story is short, but growing.

kuuipocarrie's picture
kuuipocarrie in Washington, USA

My story is like many. I have been struggling with weight and body image my whole life. No age and hormones are adding to the difficulty...

Rtompkin's picture
Rtompkin in Nebraska

My story is like all of us struggling to stay healthy and fit!! I believe I am a carbaholic and will fight it for the rest of my life!!...

ksolis's picture
ksolis in Costa Rica

My story

Wallscarrie's picture
Wallscarrie in Georgetown

My son lost 75 lbs on Ideal Protein.'s picture
barbara.chrismo... in Fredericksburg, TX 78624

My son and I are on the Ideal Protein diet and we are needing new ideas for our food. So far I have lost 18 lbs and he has lost 16 lbs...

clddkidd's picture
clddkidd in S. Asia

My sister started me & my husband on the IP program June 1, 2013. We wanted to look nice for our son's wedding ... He lost 50...

grahamsan's picture
grahamsan in Goderich

My Sister has chosen to enrich her life with your essence,
I would like the opportunity to support her desire to achieve her new...

Jpoirier's picture
Jpoirier in Massachusetts, USA

My sister had great success with Ideal Protein and recommended it to me. I lost 55 pounds via Ideal Protein and am now interested in...

Youridealwellness's picture
Youridealwellness in Regina

My PASSSION to educate, motivate and inspire others to make lifelong changes to their well being has been the focus of my career for...

MarkDeb's picture
MarkDeb in Bridgewater, NS

My partner and I live in Bridgewater and we've both are losing weight and doing really good.

narrows's picture
narrows in Grasonville

My neighbor had great success with this diet and referred me to this site. I have lost 17 lbs. in three weeks and I am never hungry....

Coopertra's picture
Coopertra in San Antonio

My name is tracy I have been doing really good on this diet now trying to see what else their is out their

sarastark's picture
sarastark in red deer

My name is Sara I have been on the ideal protein for three week. At the start it was hard, however i have lost 6 pounds and i am keeping...

mollik's picture
mollik in wooster oh

My name is Molli. I have been overweight my whole life and was ready for a change!!! I have tried several diets. Ideal Protein is the...

Fleming72's picture
Fleming72 in Alberta

My name is Lynn and just want to loose some weight

Lisa Klatt's picture
Lisa Klatt in Port Hardy/Shearwater,bc

My name is Lisa and i'm excited to be apart of this fantastic Ideal Protein life change. I've always been a little over weight (so I...

lgrannydee's picture
lgrannydee in Louisiana

My name is Linda and I live in Louisiana. I started on the Ideal Protein Plan on February 7, 2013 and to date I have lost 27 pounds. I...

Kailer's picture
Kailer in Halifax

My name is Kailee & I love Ideal Protein

ghislainerosa's picture
ghislainerosa in Prince Albert Saskatchewan

My name is Ghislaine Painchaud . I am an Ideal Protein clinic owner of Get Back 2 Basics in Prince Albert, Sask. We are qualified...

telizmcquarrie's picture
telizmcquarrie in Regina, Sask

My Name is Elizabeth and my son Brendan and I have decide to loss weight together. I have tried many other diet with some success, but...

corina57's picture
corina57 in Corpus Christi, TX.

My name is Corina i'm 57, have been over weight for 30 yrs. i always made an excuse for not being able to loose the weight and heard the...

jdielschneider's picture
jdielschneider in Regina Sask

My mother and I are doing this together. We are gearing toward walking around Wascana Lake in June.

fitforlyfe's picture
fitforlyfe in Fredericton, New Brunswick

My mom, sister, and I are all doing Ideal Protein together - just trying to shed some extra weight before getting back into strength...

tjakubec91's picture
tjakubec91 in st.albert Alberta

My mom started ideal protein in may 2012 and lost 90lbs, I hate making meals that she isn't comfortable eating and want to be able to...

MELOUT's picture
MELOUT in bastrop, tx

my main goal was to stop taking insulin for my diabetes. the first week on the diet i no longer have to take insulin. hooray!!

daniann's picture
daniann in wisconsin

My knees are bad and I needed to get weight off fairly quickly and several people I work with have lost weight with Ideal Protein and I...

mlcrumbacker's picture
mlcrumbacker in Maryland

My journey is just beginning. Seeing all of these recipes is defintely going to be helpful. Thank you to all those I "borrow" them...

Gail's picture
Gail in Woods harbour

My journey has just began this week and I am looking forward to the great rewards this program has in store for me and hope you all have...

tashann's picture
tashann in Austin TX

My hushand is doing the diet.

shortycool's picture
shortycool in Lansing Mi

My husband started the ideal protein diet in April 2013... so far he has lost over 70 pounds!!! I am always looking for new recipes and...

suzi529's picture
suzi529 in Virginia

My husband needs to loose 70 Lbs and I am helping him. So far he has lost 30 Lbs in 4 weeks.

sharj's picture
sharj in saskatoon

my husband needs to eat healthier so this is for him

kleanley's picture
kleanley in Kelowna, BC Canada

My husband just started the program and I need to find recipes to support him in achieving his goals.

Martha's picture
Martha in Regina

My husband is trying to lose weight so I am trying out new recipes to add variation to meals.

tadamson's picture
tadamson in Ellensburg WA

My husband has lost over 20 pounds so far on the Ideal Protein diet, and I am looking for new recipes to add some variety.

Kathy KJ's picture
Kathy KJ in Calgary Alberta

My husband has lost 50ounds and I have lost 40 pounds on the Ideal Protein plan. We are both close to our goal weight so I am looking...

CalebandCassi's picture
CalebandCassi in Bellingham, WA

My husband Caleb and I lost 70 and 35 lbs total on this fantastic diet through Barkley Chiropractic. We have kept it off for a year and...

Lhot Clarke's picture
Lhot Clarke in Toronto

My Husband and I registered with the program 2 years ago and we both lost a combination of 90 pounds (Scott 60lbs. and Lhot 30lbs.) with...

Faith Scott's picture
Faith Scott in Dickinson, North Dakota

My husband and I moved to North Dakota for work and left our home where we were both on the Ideally You diet - having much success. We...

mojo's picture
mojo in North Dakota

My husband and I just started the Ideal Protein diet and are looking for ways to change up our meals. My husband has never been much of...

kdhhome07's picture
kdhhome07 in Cedar Rapids, IA

My husband and I just started on the Ideal Protein last week. We are looking for new recipes to try.

Susan Henderson's picture
Susan Henderson in Truro, NS

My husband and I just started ideal protien ....looking forward to trying these recipes

Emilym42's picture
Emilym42 in Regina.

My husband and I joined together after recently moving to Regina.

AnnJansen's picture
AnnJansen in Oshawa, Ontario

My husband and I have decided to change our lifestyle and get healthy. While we have not at the moment officially started with Ideal...

luanne12's picture
luanne12 in Kyle, Texas

My husband and I have been on this diet for about 4 weeks and are very please with the results. We look forward to being healthy and...

NatalieE's picture
NatalieE in Reno, NV

My husband and I have been on Ideal Protein for one month and have lost 30 lbs and 23 lbs respectively. So far so great!

Xenial's picture
Xenial in Frisco

My husband and I have been doing ideal protein for 3 wks. We absolutely love it. He is down 20 lbs and I am down 10!!

Adaire's picture
Adaire in New York

My husband and I had started this diet amost a year ago we lost amost 50lbs both, we had went off this for about a year when my husband...

dfabervn's picture
dfabervn in Creston BC

My husband and I did ideal protein when in Alberta and did well. Life got very stressful and gained weight back. Loved the program and...

jdsimp's picture
jdsimp in San Antonio

My husband and I both started about 2 months ago. He is almost at his goal weight and I am 4-5 months away.... typical:-)) But we have...

sheryl lyke's picture
sheryl lyke in Saskatchewan, Canada

My husband and I both signed up to lose a few pounds. We were successful with the program and would recommend it to others.

schughes's picture
schughes in wetumpka

My husband and I both have just started the Ideal protein diet and can not wait to get new recipes

jen.billington's picture
jen.billington in Crosslake, MN

My husband and I began IP a little over a week ago. We are always looking for new recipes and interesting food ideas.

mrsknapper's picture
mrsknapper in Fort frances Ontario

My husband and I are trying to get healthy and live a better good eating lifestyle

ioneill's picture
ioneill in Westfield, MA

My husband and I are starting out on this venture together. Together we have about 100 lbs. to lose. I have been on Weight Watchers...

janenola's picture
janenola in mandeville, la

my husband and I are starting and ideal protein type diet and I would love some new recipes.

worth's picture
worth in Aldersyde Alberta

My husband and I are overweight and we would like to stick to a plan that works.

Julienpa's picture
Julienpa in brandon Fl

My husband and I are on the IP diet together.

Jenben's picture
Jenben in Bellingham, WA

My husband and I are looking for ways to eat healthy

kirstefenner's picture
kirstefenner in sarnia

My husband and I are just starting the diet, and hoping to lose weight.

PennyandBrent's picture
PennyandBrent in Victoria,BC

My husband and I are doing this together to be healthy for ourselves and our grandchildren. And to get off medications and just to feel...

Tlamance's picture
Tlamance in Texas

My husband and I are both on the ideal protein diet for health reasons, as well as, for self esteem. It has been hard to loose since...

Brenda Powers's picture
Brenda Powers in Hiawatha, Iowa

My husband and I are both on Ideal Protein diets. He has been able to go off Diabetes medicine, lower his heart medicine and I have been...

tjarca's picture
tjarca in Tacoma, WA

My husband and I are at day 3 in phase 1 and we're both very excited but need ideas on how to prepare the IP foods so we won't become...

Ann0524's picture
Ann0524 in Ijamsville

My husband & I have decided to become healthier by using Ideal Protein diet.

Katlover06's picture
Katlover06 in Seattle

My hubby has started the 10 week plan and we are looking for great, healthy recipes.

dbrag's picture
dbrag in Red DEER AB


queenie1958's picture
queenie1958 in Illinois

My goal is to lose 30 pounds, this is the first diet that I have been able to see results and feel great!

sandygamb's picture
sandygamb in East Hampton, CT

My goal is to be a healthy person inside and out.

Colleen.Simoneau's picture
Colleen.Simoneau in Smithfield, RI

My goal is losing the fat around the mid-section.

Helene's picture
Helene in Fredericton, NB

My fist diet was grade 6 : Weight Watchers ... 1986

Biddums11's picture
Biddums11 in Maders Cove, NS

My first week of Ideal Protein. I miss the wine!!

amyh's picture
amyh in Spring Lake, MI

My fiance and I are trying to lose weight for wedding

nocarbs4you's picture
nocarbs4you in New Jersey

My fiancé and I are on the Ideal Protein diet. We love all the great recipes online!

cnielsen's picture
cnielsen in british columbia

My extra weight had become very attached to me, especially since I hit 50. I said this to my advisor and he just laughed and reassured...

Wendy Farquhar's picture
Wendy Farquhar in Sturgeon County, Alberta

My Dr. Had to strengthen my blood pressure pills so knew I had to do something about my weight it had gradually gone up in 10 years. It...

ideal.susan's picture
ideal.susan in missouri

My daughter told me about IP after losing weight. Recommended to me and here I am....phase 1 and so far so good.

Pointlance1987's picture
Pointlance1987 in NL

My daughter just started this today and I would like to help her by getting some different recipes for her!!

charlyn's picture
charlyn in Canada

My daughter is on the Ideal Protein diet and I am wanting recipes to make for her

Janiceroyhanson's picture
Janiceroyhanson in Rothesay

My daughter is on the ideal protein and I cook for her.

Kduffy's picture
Kduffy in Chicago

My daughter is getting married soon and I want to look my best. I have felt sluggish and uncomfortable with myself for a very long time...

Rusty's picture
Rusty in Waterloo ont canada

My daughter got me to try ideal protein love the food

cooker's picture
cooker in British Columbia

My Daughter and Son-inlaw are going to start this program and I will be doing the cooking...I am excited to watch their progress..

bullet12's picture
bullet12 in Saskatoon

My boyfriend and myself started ideal protein a few weeks ago. It has been an amazing experience and both have had success this far.

Ida's picture
Ida in North Dakota

My blood pressure was very high and I am a type 2 diabetic. My husband is currently on dialysis due to the choices he made. I don't...

Vivig's picture
Vivig in Ontario

My 50th birthday will be in trying to lose my weight by then. Have tried many diets and to date Ideal Protein is very easy...

cjudd's picture
cjudd in Ontario

must loose weight

nurse123's picture
nurse123 in ct


AzianDiva's picture
AzianDiva in Bloomingdale IL

Mother of two kiddos. Need to get back into a healthy shape

Gordeen's picture
Gordeen in Invermere B,C,

mother of two grandmother of three soon to be four, need to take the time to take care of my self. would like to be able to be around...

kris_cooper's picture
kris_cooper in Colorado

Mother of three, wife of a hardworking man. Finally found something that works (IP) to help lose the weight.

Staci's picture
Staci in SD

Mother of three always fought my weight now learning to actually lose it!

Dani Gammon's picture
Dani Gammon in St. Catharines

Mother of the Bride with a dress that's too small!

C-Jay37's picture
C-Jay37 in Athabasca, Alberta, Canada

Mother of four children and need to lose all the post baby weight

peppatti22's picture
peppatti22 in Herndon, VA

Mother of 5 working full time hit all time high of 232 and only 5;8"-90 lbs to lose and so far lost 15 in a month! Need some more...

Sam7621's picture
Sam7621 in Florence MS

Mother of 4

Horselover1's picture
Horselover1 in Alberta

Mother of 3, love my kids and horses!! Have to lose 140 pounds!

BStr13's picture
BStr13 in Indianapolis

Mother of 3, approaching mid 40's and STILL battling weight issues!

finding me's picture
finding me in dartmouth n.s.

Mother of 3 very busy boys (hockey hockey hockey) The last few years life is running us. I work shift work in a busy Emerg and do other...

mholstein's picture
mholstein in Baton Rouge

Mother of 3 boys ages 8-17. Started IP 4 weeks ago and have lost 15.5 pounds, but nothing this past week. (Still have about 15-20...

okemowj's picture
okemowj in cold lake

mother of 2, started on ideal protein a week ago and lost 5 pounds so far :)

bhebe55's picture
bhebe55 in Houma, LA

Mother of 2, married for 10 years, full time student and nurse. Looking to do something for myself!!! Two months on Ideal Protein: 24...

CG's picture
CG in sherwood park

mother of 2 looking to get healthy.

Delilah's picture
Delilah in Massachusetts

Mother of 2 boys

jwills508's picture
jwills508 in Mass

Mother and daughter working together on weight loss and being healthy !

lindajda's picture
lindajda in Washington State

Mom, Wife, business owner working on getting healthier every day

tammy85's picture
tammy85 in virginia

Mom of two trying to get in shape and eat healthier.

MaySheaKsMom's picture
MaySheaKsMom in Saskatchewan

Mom of three, I have the worst eating habits and zero self control with food.

jow's picture
jow in United States

Mom of Ideal Protein participant

Br5kids's picture
Br5kids in Prince Albert, Sk

Mom of 5 children who are very active

nikkilenner's picture
nikkilenner in Livingston, NJ

Mom of 4, ready to be 40 and fabulous!!!

javarieur's picture
javarieur in Portsmouth, RI

Mom of 2 amazing teenagers & 2 greats dogs...
Wife to a wonderful husband...
Part time dental hygienist...
Loss 16...

nursemhurley's picture
nursemhurley in Il

Mom Nurse Informatics Specialist

Karynne Jacobs's picture
Karynne Jacobs in Huntington Beach

Modern Life Nutrition weight loss challenge for Jan 2015.

Tdean's picture
Tdean in USA

Middle aged; wife of 36 years, mom of four, grandma of six

UkonGold's picture
UkonGold in Western Canada

Middle aged, remarried mother of one. Began gaining weight during difficult first marriage, gained 15 lbs when I quit smoking, gained...

Eileen Pepler's picture
Eileen Pepler in Victoria BC

Middle age with a muffin top

bette dalzell's picture
bette dalzell in CANADA


Kathy Lion's picture
Kathy Lion in Georgetown ONT


Wendy lady's picture
Wendy lady in Regina

Member since2008

euwalsh's picture
euwalsh in Baie Verte, NL

Medically retired & trying to loss extra pounds gained during illness... Currently studying Webpage development, sewing and...

123456's picture
123456 in canada


Lisa compson's picture
Lisa compson in calgary


tmagoo's picture
tmagoo in BC

Maybe later

Kfarmer's picture
Kfarmer in Maryland

Married with one child. Trying to lose baby weight. Have been on ideal protein for about 4/5 weeks and have lost 15 lbs. Still on phase...

Catherine Moore's picture
Catherine Moore in Maryland

Married with 2 teenage children

CGW_75's picture
CGW_75 in Edmonton

Married mother of 3.

krs6774's picture
krs6774 in Illinois

Married mom of four working full time. Needing to keep this weight off for good. Start 205 current 183 goal 147

schaves's picture
schaves in MA

Married & Mother of 2 boys

Mfoster920's picture
Mfoster920 in Colorado


marciafayestander's picture
marciafayestander in Omaha, NE

Manager and Coach at La Vie Center for Weight Loss in Omaha, NE

mhepting's picture
mhepting in Regina, SK

Male, computer job, educator. 235->160 lbs. Looking to maintain for a lifetime.

TODD HIGGINS's picture

male 6 foot 2 overweight

leadedge's picture
leadedge in Kingston

Male 47yrs old. 6' 2"
Reboot on IP. Last time I lost 51lbs. This time I need to stick with it and get to P4

kackool's picture
kackool in Jamaica

Major difficulty losing weight.

sheryl's picture
sheryl in kayville

Maintaining right now and feeling nervous but healthy.

Sarah-Lucie's picture
Sarah-Lucie in Quebec

Maigrir et être en santé

cs's picture
cs in saskatchewan


haasbetsy's picture
haasbetsy in Illinois


Kdbones's picture
Kdbones in Harrisburg

Lowering blood pressure and cholesterol

iplisa's picture
iplisa in North Carolina

Love, Love, Love IP!!

saknip's picture
saknip in Ashburn, VA

Love your recipes to keep things fresh!

Susan Aniceta's picture
Susan Aniceta in Mississauga ON

Love your recipes

moebears's picture
moebears in Richfield, MN

Love to try new recipes and tweak them!

pazmarie's picture
pazmarie in Los Angeles

Love to learn about healthy recipes. Thank you.

angie's picture
angie in British columbia

Love to eat well

Bocagirl's picture
Bocagirl in New Jersey

Love to cook! Love to eat! Learning so many different was to satisfy both loves.

Gonzoker's picture
Gonzoker in Colorado

Love this program.

tardy2000's picture
tardy2000 in Vermont

Love the recipes

shirley48's picture
shirley48 in castlegar, BC

love the recipes

Taratramsey's picture
Taratramsey in Vero Beach, FL

Love the program"

Joe Flanagan's picture
Joe Flanagan in Old Saybrook, CT

Love the program - it has literally changed my life! Lost 77#'s in the winter of 2010 and have maintained since then. Have been taken...

Judemaclean's picture
Judemaclean in Edmonton

Love the product

cindycooper's picture
cindycooper in Fort Nelson B.C.

Love the Ideal Protein plan, worked for me :)

Darlene Tallo's picture
Darlene Tallo in Hammond

Love the diet

lkellett's picture
lkellett in lasalle

love new recipe ideas to keep me on track

fifimonmittens's picture
fifimonmittens in greenwood ns

Love new healthy recipes.

Suebie86's picture
Suebie86 in Waukee, Iowa

Love IP it's the first diet that has really worked for me.

Kkgaag's picture
Kkgaag in JAX Bch FL

Love IdealProtein plan!

Betsynic2's picture
Betsynic2 in CT, USA

love Ideal Protein...It works for me

Wanda Sue's picture
Wanda Sue in Amarillo, tx

Love ideal protein. Recipes look great.

Mkhoward's picture
Mkhoward in Colorado

Love Ideal Protein.

riegel's picture
riegel in Sherry Hrycyk

love Ideal Protein Recipes!

robin's picture
robin in BC

Love Ideal Protein Diet

kelbellie's picture
kelbellie in Pocatello

Love Ideal Protein and rewarding results!

crumberger's picture
crumberger in alberta

love ideal protein and love trying new recipes!!

jlr9673's picture
jlr9673 in Wolbach Ne

Love ideal protein

Yukongirl's picture
Yukongirl in Yukon

Love ideal protein

Anna1011's picture
Anna1011 in Louisiana

Lots of friends are on the program everyone says how good it is and
it really works at getting the weight off even when you get...

abacon's picture
abacon in Nebraska

Lots of exciting events coming up. I will finally graduate with my Bachelors degree, attend my 15 year class reunion, and heading out...

chrysanthe's picture
chrysanthe in california

lost weight on Ideal Protein-it works!

thoraxson's picture
thoraxson in Arizona

Lost weight on Atkins several years ago, need to do so again.

Deanna's picture
Deanna in Saskatoon

Lost ten lbs

smangiaracina's picture
smangiaracina in Maryland

lost many inches on IP and 10 pounds!

SLpippin's picture
SLpippin in Fairhope, Alabama, USA

lost about 25 lbs on IP three years ago. Have gained abt half back and am wanting to ramp up my IP resources.
Huge huge fan of...

Melpower's picture
Melpower in Manitoba

Lost a lot of weight in 1st phase but was afraid to transition and life happens so now I am back on trying to lose 25 pounds again .......

Eaglescout's picture
Eaglescout in Aurora, IN

Lost 8lbs. in the first week on the Ideal Protein diet.

sgill's picture
sgill in BC

Lost 75 lbs on ideal protein

rdparks's picture
rdparks in Abbotsford, bc

Lost 73 pounds on Ideal Protein - Bought a Clinic !!

shinner's picture
shinner in Oregon

Lost 72 lbs

Dawn Koch's picture
Dawn Koch in Washington

Lost 70 pounds on Ideal Protein. I do struggle to stay on maintenance.

hd6speed's picture
hd6speed in Il

Lost 70 lbs.

paulrotondo's picture
paulrotondo in avon, ct

lost 70 lbs to date

Sasa.417's picture
Sasa.417 in Texas

lost 70 lbs so far on ideal protein

Winnie SD's picture
Winnie SD in South Dakota

Lost 65 pounds on ideal protein!

Ohiotwin1's picture
Ohiotwin1 in TEXAS

Lost 65 lbs.....

Shannateague's picture
Shannateague in Austin Texas

Lost 62', gained back 25. Back on the diet!

Nicole83's picture
Nicole83 in Paynton

Lost 60lbs in 3 months on Ideal.

astubbs23's picture
astubbs23 in Texas

Lost 60 pounds on ideal protein protocol. I am doing a re boot for a couple weeks as I gained back 10 of the pounds I lost over a six...

acousineau's picture
acousineau in Gatienau quebec

lost 60 lbs on IP, and still going

Cdestasio's picture
Cdestasio in New Jersey

Lost 58lbs. In 17 weeks. 10 lbs to go. Woo Hoo!!!!

berardi's picture
berardi in des moines ia

Lost 56# so far hope to loose 35 more by my 50th Birthday Jan 1

cdmckeithen's picture
cdmckeithen in Fairhope, AL

Lost 55 pounds so far on Ideal Protein plan

degiustisr's picture
degiustisr in Alberta

Lost 55 on IP plan, looking for motivation to lose the 15 I put on and recipes to keep things new and interesting. Am loving the recipes...

BrownSharon's picture
BrownSharon in Canada

Lost 55 lbs. on Idea Protein Diet program, but unfortunately was diagnosed with breast cancer later. Tamoxifen has made weight...

gail t's picture
gail t in canada

Lost 53 pounds, trying hard to keep it off, 5 pounds back on

janice shepherd's picture
janice shepherd in dryden ontario

lost 50 lbs on ip improved my colitis and gave me back my mobility .

lperli51's picture
lperli51 in Edmonton

Lost 50 lbs on Ideal Protein then had surgery and could not follow the restrictive diet required by Ideal Protein...regained 20 lbs over...

Drourap's picture
Drourap in Ottawa

Lost 49 pounds on IP

Jwiley's picture
Jwiley in Edmonton Alberta

Lost 48lbs in 5 months. Amazing!

Dianne Parker's picture
Dianne Parker in Stony Plain

Lost 45# on Ideal Protein almost 3 years ago & have kept it off. Have been struggling with 10# gain but never better in my life on...

margrountree's picture
margrountree in centerville

Lost 45 pounds. Love this program

jpersichilli's picture
jpersichilli in Kissimmee, Fl

Lost 45 pounds in 20 weeks on the program. Currently on phase 4

lovetboutdoors's picture
lovetboutdoors in Walker Louisiana

Lost 45 # in 2011 with IP and have gained 30 back due to not following maintenance plan. On it again.

brianterrebonne's picture
brianterrebonne in lafayette, la

lost 44

Thomasm2's picture
Thomasm2 in Pennsylvania

Lost 40 pounds so far on the diet.

renee's picture
renee in Mitchell

Lost 40 pounds on ideal protein, been on maintance since January, have gain about 10 back, and on phase 1 till I'm at goal again!

Linda Fierce's picture
Linda Fierce in Davenport, IA

Lost 40 lbs. on Ideal Protein

yvetteche's picture
yvetteche in Nova Scotia

Lost 40 lbs and want phase 3 and 4 recipes.

Raycor's picture
Raycor in Belleville ontario

Lost 36 pounds so far on ip

joanmurray's picture
joanmurray in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

lost 35 lbs so far on program, looking to lose 14 more lbs

Laurie Putnam's picture
Laurie Putnam in Saskatoon

Lost 34lbs on Ideal in 4months

ohbucko's picture
ohbucko in Monticello, IL

Lost 33 lbs the first time around but wanted to get back on track.

Ideal_Diva's picture
Ideal_Diva in Canada

Lost 30lbs with IP last year. Looking to lose the last 20lbs....

Shirley's picture
Shirley in Fort MCMurray AB

Lost 30lbs on this diet

dmcgarraugh's picture
dmcgarraugh in Missouri

lost 30+ pounds following ideal protein diet.

cat's picture
cat in Montana

lost 30 pounds with IP now I need to keep it off

Lori B's picture
Lori B in Manitoba, Canada

Lost 30 pounds on this last year, gained 10 back while off July to February of this year, and have since lost another 8 pounds, 15 more...

jeriry12's picture
jeriry12 in Kirkland

lost 30 lbs so far on Ideal Protein

queenbecky's picture
queenbecky in Baton Rouge, LA

Lost 30 lbs on IP!

lorjames's picture
lorjames in Syracuse

Lost 26 pounds in two months 2 weeks and feel great

addiept's picture
addiept in Boston

Lost 26 pounds in 8 weeks to get below my goal weight.

Dj's picture
Dj in cochrane

lost 25 pounds and many inches in short order by adhering to plan, kept it all off for three years, five pounds have crept back -all on...

Harley's picture
Harley in Longueuil

Lost 25 pounds

merna abel's picture
merna abel in chemainus

Lost 25 lbs. 2 years ago put 15 back on so am starting again to get back to my ideal weight.

kristenm37's picture
kristenm37 in cape cod

lost 23 lbs in 7 weeks,Felling great,and loving this food plan

Tatra Palfery's picture
Tatra Palfery in Nova Scotia

Lost 22 lbs so far on Ideal protein …will keep going for another 20-30 lbs. Easy to follow….food is great!

kurdashian's picture
kurdashian in Jamaica

Lost 20lbs

joannechisum's picture
joannechisum in Seattle

Lost 20 pounds so far....70 to go!

Lookingood's picture
Lookingood in Saskatoon

Lost 20 pounds on ip since may!!! 25 to go!!

Suze's picture
Suze in New Brunswick

Lost 20 pounds and working on last five. First program that has worked for me at over 65,

Marcia Davies's picture
Marcia Davies in Washington, DC

Lost 20 pounds and have kept it off. Love the program.

Justforyou's picture
Justforyou in Athabasca

Lost 20 lbs kept off for over 2 years

Shadow puppy 53's picture
Shadow puppy 53 in morris illinois

lost 19.5 inches 16 lbs so far. Starting week 4

Kristie115's picture
Kristie115 in St Louis

Lost 18 lbs on Ideal Protein last year. Loved how easy and convenient it was.

Mj's picture
Mj in California

Lost 17lbs in 5 weeks

karenboreen's picture
karenboreen in Churchbridge, Sask.

Lost 16 pounds so far, have about 20 to go. need some recipes

Skinny's picture
Skinny in Regina

Lost 16 pounds in 2 months

Donettad's picture
Donettad in Pa

lost 15, trying to go another 15

aclayton's picture
aclayton in southern MB

Lost 125lbs the 1st time, trying to maintain now bit of a yo-yo effect right now.

edanbullerwell's picture
edanbullerwell in Unity

Lost 120 pounds and still going:)

lduos77's picture
lduos77 in Alexandria, VA

Lost 120 pound in the last 7 months. 45 more to go...

juliastockhausen's picture
juliastockhausen in castlegar

lost 12 pounds in 8 weeks

jcpenny1's picture
jcpenny1 in flamingo

Lost 11lbs the first week and most was fat. Yay!!!

Mindymurphy11's picture
Mindymurphy11 in Washington State

Lost 100lbs with IP

jlp266's picture
jlp266 in Saskatchewan

Lost 100lbs

mcfaulkners's picture
mcfaulkners in wisconsin

Lost 100 pounds before, but I am looking to keep it OFF this time!

jjohnston54's picture
jjohnston54 in Rimbey

Loss weight to lower insulin

Miranda Ruggles's picture
Miranda Ruggles in Nova scotia

Loss weight for my kids

Mzm's picture
Mzm in Connecticut


melissakate73's picture
melissakate73 in Louisiana

Losing weight. One good decision at a time.

Bryan's picture
Bryan in Texas

Losing weight with ideal protein

Mocha's picture
Mocha in Saskatchewan

Losing weight to get healthy

jtindall's picture
jtindall in Redcliff, AB.

Losing weight to be a better me!!

fordfamily6's picture
fordfamily6 in Virginia

Losing weight through Ideal Protein protocol and looking for recipes to make the packets alittle more exciting. Lost 60 pounds thus far...

denhoff's picture
denhoff in Wichita Falls, Texas

Losing weight the Ideal Protein way !!

rparkins's picture
rparkins in canada

Losing weight on protein

emily.keen's picture
emily.keen in Grand Forks ND

Losing weight for my wedding! Down 57lbs in 3 months

JENNASM's picture
JENNASM in Campbell River

Losing weight for my wedding! 18lbs down, ten to go!

kthebeau's picture
kthebeau in Eastern Canada

Losing weight for my wedding on June 26, 2015's picture in Longview Alberta

Losing weight - 12 bi's and 15 inches in 2 weeks - feel pretty good able to resist the cravings - better than every other weight loss...

apulcini's picture
apulcini in berlin ct

losing weight

MRODRIGUEZ's picture
MRODRIGUEZ in richland

losing weight

Choo Choo's picture
Choo Choo in Rhode Island

Losing weight

Joyce Mentzer's picture
Joyce Mentzer in Hagerstown, MD

Losing weight

sheilapa's picture
sheilapa in Texas

Losing to be healthier.

KittyAMateranek1's picture
KittyAMateranek1 in Austin

Losing the weight I gained since moving to a new city and getting married.

Martha Evans's picture
Martha Evans in Oklahoma

Losing regularly

Losingit's picture
Losingit in Mass

Losing it

Carclew's picture
Carclew in Canada

Losing 60

llgk's picture
llgk in Colorado

losing 30 lbs

crafty8's picture
crafty8 in NY


Pay.pope52's picture
Pay.pope52 in Oklahoma


Jess's picture
Jess in Hammond

loseIng weight

daina0104's picture
daina0104 in valencia

lose wieght

Shawna's picture
Shawna in Kansas

Lose weight, gain weight, lose weight. Want to keep it off for good!'s picture
fisherangela52@... in regina,sk.

lose weight to help reduce pain in knees

Melinda's picture
Melinda in Canada

Lose weight for my daughters wedding

Tbergstresser's picture
Tbergstresser in Baton Rouge

Lose weight

Jkneeshaw's picture
Jkneeshaw in Calgary

Lose weight

jlu's picture
jlu in Massachusetts

Lose weight

jennypooh624's picture
jennypooh624 in Fredericton

Lose weight

Js4dar's picture
Js4dar in Danville

Lose lose lose

Kimder's picture
Kimder in Canada

Loosing weigjt

wickie's picture
wickie in Boston

Loosing weight on IP!'s picture in alberta


dlburns2010's picture
dlburns2010 in ATX

looking too loose 100 lbs never go over 200 again

Keke8053's picture
Keke8053 in Halifax Nova Scotia

Looking to start Ideal Protein next month and am looking for information at this point.

Krudop's picture
Krudop in Illinois

Looking to reduce weight

Kassi's picture
Kassi in Bonnyville

Looking to make my life better and get healthier

Kellysylvia's picture
Kellysylvia in US

Looking to lose weight.

GAZoller's picture
GAZoller in Miami

Looking to lose weight to feel better

Reisenberg's picture
Reisenberg in Washington, dc

Looking to lose weight gained from sedentary desk job.

Victoria Lee Cosgrove's picture
Victoria Lee Co... in NB

Looking to lose weight and keep it off in my mid 40s.

Adamv's picture
Adamv in New Orleans, la

Looking to lose thirty pounds.

tarwat's picture
tarwat in Medicine Hat

Looking to lose the last 10 pounds.

Dlbyrd's picture
Dlbyrd in Washinton

Looking to lose and eat heathy

Tinabob's picture
Tinabob in Tarpon Springs

Looking to lose about 25 lbs and my cousin recommended Ideal protein. Looking forward to getting started on my journey.

Pianetto's picture
Pianetto in Edmonton, Alberta

Looking to lose 70 lbs

Magodano's picture
Magodano in Chicago

Looking to lose 50 lbs

smcintyre's picture
smcintyre in Ontario

Looking to lose 40 lbs. Have been on diet for 1 week and have lost 4 lbs.

Natasha28's picture
Natasha28 in Brockville, On

looking to lose 25-30 pounds

whirly_girly's picture
whirly_girly in Saskatchewan, Canada

Looking to lose 100+lbs... 39lbs so far.

Lesley's picture
Lesley in Fredericton, NB

Looking to loose weight, wanting to feel better

cada's picture
cada in Ottawa

Looking to loose a good 40 pound and I am most definitely a sugar addict which is making it difficult to stay on track this past couple...

VisaJo's picture
VisaJo in Perth

Looking to loose 40 pounds

Karenbelliveau's picture
Karenbelliveau in Bedford

Looking to live a healthy life

Rhonda King's picture
Rhonda King in Destrehan

Looking to improve my eating habits / lifestyle

Sarahjohns's picture
Sarahjohns in Chicago

Looking to get myself back into a healthy lifestyle.

cbarrette's picture
cbarrette in Sturgeon Falls, ON

looking to get healthy and loosing weight

angela.sirianni's picture
angela.sirianni in calgary

Looking to get healthy after letting myself go for years.

islandgirl's picture
islandgirl in Athabasca

Looking to get healthy

LisaMarie9's picture
LisaMarie9 in Medicine Hat Alberta

Looking to get back into my marathon running shape!

Kim Kennie's picture
Kim Kennie in Nova Scotia

Looking to feel healthier and lose weight before celebrating my 50th birthday!

Carma's picture
Carma in Brooklyn

Looking to feel better and lose some weight at the same time. Menopause has taken its toll on my metabolism and I have never before...

zohrasayani's picture
zohrasayani in ATL

Looking to eat healthy

Annette's picture
Annette in yonge and finch

Looking to eat and live healthier for myself and my family,
with homone imbalance could never loose more than 10lbs.

Hhollins's picture
Hhollins in Kingston, ontario

Looking to drop the weight before my wedding! :)

Sprinkyrob's picture
Sprinkyrob in Saskatoon

Looking to drop 60 to 100 lbs

david hausman's picture
david hausman in New Jersey

looking to be healthy

Bgarrett's picture
Bgarrett in Lloydminster

Looking into it!

foyk's picture
foyk in Calgary Downtown

Looking forward to trying the program and working with Estelle and her team!

Amanda Landry's picture
Amanda Landry in Lafayette Louisiana

Looking forward to this journey. Just in time for the fall and Christmas.

maryjanerdh's picture
maryjanerdh in New Orleans, La

Looking forward to starting this new way of eating. Have heard nothing except positive things about
this diet

clester7247's picture
clester7247 in Quad Cities

Looking forward to losing weight and feeling better!

A Conroy's picture
A Conroy in CT

Looking forward to getting my body back...

Hollywoodnorth1's picture
Hollywoodnorth1 in Calgary

Looking forward t losing weight.

mmcampbell's picture
mmcampbell in wyoming

looking for ways to maintain weightloss

Claudette's picture
Claudette in Alberta

Looking for tastey recipes to enjoy staying on IP

nicole.leblanc's picture
nicole.leblanc in moncton

Looking for some new and exciting protein recipes after tasting and Absolutely loving the chicken fried "rice"

bren rocnik's picture
bren rocnik in new brunswick

looking for some great recipes as I am trying this diet

kristenaja's picture
kristenaja in Stowe, VT

Looking for some great new recipes!

Audii's picture
Audii in Charlottetown

looking for recipies

Ashryan073's picture
Ashryan073 in Corpus Christi

Looking for recipes. Just started ideal weight loss.

smchap's picture
smchap in Ontario, Canada

Looking for recipes.

DeeDee's picture
DeeDee in NL

Looking for recipes with few carbs.

Nikkim's picture
Nikkim in Grande prairie

Looking for recipes to help my boyfriend while he's on the diet.

cocopuff's picture
cocopuff in sydney

looking for recipes to help loose weight

Jbourque85's picture
Jbourque85 in Baton Rouge

Looking for recipes for a healthy life

Barntly's picture
Barntly in Utah

Looking for recipes

TPelicano's picture
TPelicano in MD

Looking for recipes

Lala9563's picture
Lala9563 in Illinois

Looking for receipes for the ideal protein diet

WmKeith's picture
WmKeith in Gainesville, VA

Looking for new stir fry sauce recipe for Phase 1 program.

Started the program on January 6, and have lost 50 pounds as of March...

Lyssblanchard's picture
Lyssblanchard in Fredericton

Looking for new recipes that are healthy

Gonnabeskinny's picture
Gonnabeskinny in Medicine Hat alberta

Looking for new creative meal ideas

meganchaway's picture
meganchaway in fredericton

looking for new beginnings for the new year

Calmom's picture
Calmom in Winkler

Looking for more recipes to add some variation to the diet.

Aborchers's picture
Aborchers in Tacoma, WA

looking for more IP recipies

CandiO's picture
CandiO in Oregon

Looking for more IP recipes

rlharris's picture
rlharris in Pei

Looking for low carb receptors in weight loss

lengt1's picture
lengt1 in Saskatoon SK

looking for ideas to cook for the whole family

Decarlolisa's picture
Decarlolisa in Florida

Looking for ideal recipes

dadiehl's picture
dadiehl in Killdeer, ND

Looking for healthy recipes to make while doing the Ideal Protein Diet.

candyb's picture
candyb in Saskatoon

Looking for healthy receipes.

Lombardi87's picture
Lombardi87 in Stony plain

Looking for healthy eating

wright1's picture
wright1 in Regina

Looking for healthy diet solution

Jules808's picture
Jules808 in Las Vegas, NV

Looking for healthier meal alternatives but not lacking in taste. A friend of mine who is on the Ideal Protein diet suggested this site...

SueG's picture
SueG in Alberta

Looking for great recipes!

mumzi's picture
mumzi in Canada

Looking for great recipes to help me in my weight-loss journey

Shield Maiden's picture
Shield Maiden in Westminster

Looking for good recipes..In phase 1..

Jblomert's picture
Jblomert in Alberta

Looking for good recipes

Chiscock's picture
Chiscock in Moose Jaw

Looking for different meal ideas to help me on my journey

rlsmohr's picture
rlsmohr in Wisconsin

Looking for delicious IP recipes

Warn Todd's picture
Warn Todd in Airdrie ab.

Looking for a long term life style change to help get back in shape.

Catherine's picture
Catherine in Halifax, NS

Looking for a healthy way to lose weight

okhealth's picture
okhealth in winnipeg

looking for a healthy lifestyle

Rilan's picture
Rilan in Alberta

Looking for a healthier lifestyle.

karri1's picture
karri1 in Illinois

Looking for a good website for low carb recipes.

julie miller's picture
julie miller in huntsville ontario

Looking for a few recipes have loss 50 lbs but now looking for a change in my meal plans maybe these recipes will help no giving up

Copper's picture
Copper in Nova Scotia

Looking into this Program

lauras's picture
lauras in Alberta

Lokking for something that works fast and heathy!!'s picture
logratt@lacitec... in rockland


rksdjs03's picture
rksdjs03 in kyle,tx

llways looking for more ways to stay fit.

Laurie B's picture
Laurie B in Estevan


pepper's picture
pepper in somewhere over the rainbow

Living the IP diet

DebWelker's picture
DebWelker in Bend, OR

Living clean in 2015!

cinnfull's picture
cinnfull in simcoe

live it

Kaynono's picture
Kaynono in Ottawa

Likes ideal protein. Need more recipes

Debbie MacPherson's picture
Debbie MacPherson in Charlottetown

Like to eat healthier

Bnoble's picture
Bnoble in Medicine Hat

Like the science behind this. Have high hopes that this will work.

Millie's picture
Millie in Baton Rouge, LA

Like the recipes

Pseguin10's picture
Pseguin10 in Dartmouth Ma

Like the program

Woody's picture
Woody in south Carolina

Like products. Calorie free

Lmp's picture
Lmp in Tx

Like paleo diet

Kitty kart's picture
Kitty kart in Alberta

Like many others I have struggled with my weight! But if I were honest with myself I also used hide from the hurt and the world...

Drice38's picture
Drice38 in St. Thomas, ON

Like any other person, paying to lose weight I'm not happy when I look in the mirror. I'm going through Menopause and not liking my...'s picture
judithphillips@... in Halifax

Lifelong dieter..........
Very physically active

Drjmc's picture
Drjmc in Canada

Life long struggle. On going

Msharon's picture
Msharon in Canada

Life long struggle being overweight.

dellasue's picture
dellasue in everett

life long dieter

Sunshine central's picture
Sunshine central in Canada

Life lessons

Jamgochian's picture
Jamgochian in Dickinson ,ND

Learning to eat healthy

Mink's picture
Mink in Australia


nolipid's picture
nolipid in Washington State

Lazy cook . . . have always eaten convenient food. Lately way too much fat and carbs. Hope to change that with IDEAL PROTEIN. I am on...

sorr78613's picture
sorr78613 in Cedar Park


christineyuill45's picture
christineyuill45 in ontario canada


jgullage's picture
jgullage in here


ksilver's picture
ksilver in medicine hat


deegpeters's picture
deegpeters in Airdrie

Know people who have lost weight on program.

kschrauben22's picture
kschrauben22 in

Kim's picture
marciemckinnon@... in Alberta

kick start...

Myer's picture
Myer in Edmonton

Kept trying diets, but ideal protein works and has helped change my eating habits and lifestyle. It feels great to feel healthy!

Evelyn's picture
Evelyn in Port Charlotte Fl

Keeping my weight down has been an issue most of my life. Wish to change life style too include changeing what I eat.

kerryisirish's picture
kerryisirish in East Lyme, CT

keep trying to keep this weight off. I have tried everything... this is my last attempt... Thank you for the use of your recipes...

Al Prowse's picture
Al Prowse in Tottenham

Keep on tryin'

mmm4925's picture
mmm4925 in College Station Texas


aldsiekman's picture
aldsiekman in Bertrand Ne

Just wanting to be healthy

shelleylbustin's picture
shelleylbustin in campbell river b.c.

just want to lose weight and be healthy. Hard to lose after 45&up.

LuLu244's picture
LuLu244 in state college,pa

Just want to lose the weight I have put on ffrom 1 1/2 year of stresI put both parent to rest and had breast cancer on top of it.

gparhar's picture
gparhar in Calgary

Just want to lose some weight's picture in Edmonton

Just want to lose 30 pounds

JackieJ3's picture
JackieJ3 in sarnia

just want to loose a life time of 30 extra lbs

Allison's picture
Allison in Nova Scotia

just want to loose 10 lbs!!!!

ECW's picture

Just want to get back to my old self.

CC's picture
CC in Riverview, nb

Just want to be heather:)

ShellyA's picture
ShellyA in Saskatoon

Just want to be healthy

tootie6926's picture
tootie6926 in grand junction

Just want some good meals trying to lose some weight

bneyman's picture
bneyman in Fairfax County, VA

Just turned 67yo. Started the Ideal Protein diet on the recommendation of my cardiologist on 2/26/15 and am looking for a source of...

Goldiefrocks's picture
Goldiefrocks in Madison ms

Just turned 50! Want to right the wrongs of those years! Time to stop waiting for "tomorrow", because "tomorrow" has now come and gone...

mhayes's picture
mhayes in Alberta

just turned 50 and looking after myself

Cora's picture
Cora in Austin

Just trying to once and for all get healthy!

carlyjo's picture
carlyjo in Sechelt

Just trying to lose weight. On day 4.

Kaykay29's picture
Kaykay29 in Austin, TX

Just trying to lose weight.

Alcampos's picture
Alcampos in Pasco WA

Just trying to lose weight.

TDawn's picture
TDawn in Falher

Just trying to lose weight so i can feel more confident

JaneDeWolf's picture
JaneDeWolf in Chatham Kent

just trying to lose weight

lyndalou2's picture
lyndalou2 in Ingersoll, ON

Just trying to lose some weight.

kelly_ob's picture
kelly_ob in Thunder Bay

Just trying to lose some pounds before my nieces wedding

Dmarshall's picture
Dmarshall in Mississauga,Ontario

Just trying to lose a few pounds for the summer.

Hillbilly733's picture
Hillbilly733 in Chetwynd, British Columbia

Just trying to loose weight and nothing seems to be working. Thought I would give this a try.

Peggy Sue's picture
Peggy Sue in Florida

Just trying to loose weight and keep it off

michelle949's picture
michelle949 in manitoba

just trying to loose a few unwanted pounds.

jada's picture
jada in Dickinson, ND

Just trying to look my best for my 50th birthday.

Wkew's picture
Wkew in Canada

Just trying to live better, you know, stop being a fast food junky!

Papurcell's picture
Papurcell in Washington

Just trying to learn how to eat healthy and lose a few pounds.

Monel Ruiz's picture
Monel Ruiz in Groton ct

Just trying to learn a new way of enjoying my food while also making healthy choices...

Eljay's picture
Eljay in Saskatoon

Just trying to lead a healthy lifestyle!

Cori66's picture
Cori66 in Medicine Hat, Alberta

Just trying to get this weight off, have struggled for years with my weight and said steno ugh is enough! I am doing this for me.

mylypgloss's picture
mylypgloss in Pittsburgh, PA

Just trying to get in the best shape of my life

derek_odowichuk's picture
derek_odowichuk in Calgary

Just trying to get healthy

B.A.'s picture
B.A. in Swift Current

Just trying to get healthy

Kklingbile0719's picture
Kklingbile0719 in Wainwright ab

Just trying to get fit

delaine's picture
delaine in Mankato Mn

Just trying to find foods to help me loss my excess weight

heathergoossen's picture
heathergoossen in kelowna, bc

just trying to finally lose those annoying 20 pounds Ive had with me for way to long

MrsRadder's picture
MrsRadder in Ferndale

Just trying to feel good in my body

dtruitt's picture
dtruitt in mikana WI

Just trying to feel and look better

sherwebus's picture
sherwebus in wyoming

just trying to feel a little bit better

Jacks mom's picture
Jacks mom in British Columbia

Just trying to change my lifestyle....

Mondays_Child's picture
Mondays_Child in Canada

Just trying to become healthier by making some lifestyle changes.

Minerva53's picture
Minerva53 in CT

Just trying to be healthy

tysongreaves's picture
tysongreaves in ontario

just trying this out.. need recipes!

Kinga's picture
Kinga in Mississauga

Just trying

Conabear's picture
Conabear in Alberta

Just try to loose my gut and get a bit healthier

Roxanne's picture
Roxanne in Athabasca Alberta

Just tired of being over weight. Need to get healthy

CindyJ's picture
CindyJ in Leduc

Just stating my new journey

cmathew15's picture
cmathew15 in iowa

Just stated Ideal Protein. This is the second week and I am looking for some good recipes.

LJK's picture
LJK in Newfoundland

just starting….

Darnell Collier's picture
Darnell Collier in San Antonio, TX

Just Starting...very excited.

graycon's picture
graycon in alberta

Just we go!!!!

Riveraeh's picture
Riveraeh in Wa

Just starting.....

Acytrat's picture
Acytrat in North Dakota

Just starting....

KFRY70's picture
KFRY70 in Ontario

Just starting. Day 1.

kimandearlew's picture
kimandearlew in USA

Just starting. Hope we make it.

nmilton's picture
nmilton in Regina

Just starting.

cori lynn's picture
cori lynn in steinbach

just starting.

Kimmer's picture
Kimmer in Wisconsin

Just starting.

darlenemcneil's picture
darlenemcneil in Nova Scotia

Just starting,; and looking for variety

mhogemann's picture
mhogemann in Saskathewan

Just starting, need ideas.

trena83's picture
trena83 in Austin

Just starting, I want to lose 30 lbs. Tried other diets, my hope I am success with this one.

Jeanne brockway's picture
Jeanne brockway in Rhode Island

Just starting, but have numerous friends doing this with great results

Brown's picture
Brown in Fort McMurray AB

Just starting!

Annabellesleader's picture
Annabellesleader in Des Moines, Iowa

Just starting!

Julie Leonard's picture
Julie Leonard in Leclaire

just starting!

ontheedge's picture
ontheedge in Littlestown, PA

just starting Weigh4life. Doing good so far but need some receipes.

cjboucher's picture